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Topics include: HR management skills, mentorship programs, off-site management and more.

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Manager ensuring proper employee classification while meeting with coworkers
How to Determine Employee Classification
Employee classification matters. You may face penalties if you treat independent contractors and freelancers like full-time employees.
How to Terminate an Employee
It's important for every business owner to know how to terminate an employee respectfully. Here's how to handle this tough task.
A business owner gives a work presentation.
How to Be an Effective Leader with Your Employees
Understanding how to be an effective leader is one of the most important aspects of getting your team to perform at its highest level.
Attract candidates with an effective city planner job description.
How to Implement Servant Leadership
What is servant leadership? Learn how this management style can benefit your business and the five strategies you need to implement it.
Managers at a meeting.
Understanding Different Types of Intelligence in the Workplace
Understanding different types of intelligence in the workplace is as simple as being able to identify these four key paradigms.
A manager covering her face after making an embarrassing social gaffe at work.
How to Handle Social Gaffes at Work
Social gaffes happen to everyone. These tips can help you make amends, recover from the embarrassment, and restore your reputation.

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How to Implement Servant Leadership
What is servant leadership? Learn how this management style can benefit your business and the five strategies you need to implement it.
How to Give a Work Presentation to Employees: 5 Tips
Learn about the five tips that help you deliver a perfectly polished work presentation to your employees, from what words to use to how to incorporate visuals.
Types of Employee Feedback Collection Methods
These employee feedback collection methods will help you gather the insights you need to increase employee morale and retention.
How to Get the Most Out of Your Organizational Structure
Selecting the optimal organizational structure for your business can increase revenue and improve productivity.
What Are Business Ethics and Why Do They Matter?
What are business ethics? Learn how to create an ethical code of conduct and interact with integrity toward employees, other businesses, and your customers.
How to Manage a Hybrid Workforce
If you implement these best practices for managing your hybrid workforce, you’re likely to boost employee morale, performance, and retention.
Prepare Your Business for These Key Workforce Trends
Employers who hope to not only keep up, but also stay ahead of the competition, will want to embrace these five key workforce trends.
Crisis Management for Team Leaders
These crisis management tips will help you increase employee morale and retention so you have the right team in place to weather the crisis.

Need some help recruiting for a small business?

Recommendation Letter Template
Learn about recommendation letter formatting, style, and other tips that will show off your former employee.
Strategies for better leadership hiring
Great leaders can have a profound effect on the success of your business. Learn about ways to improve your leadership hiring at Monster.com.
The Seven Compelling Traits of a Magnetic Leader
Want to know what makes for magnetic leadership in the workplace? Here are the seven key traits that can separate you from the pack.
How to Handle Employee Feedback: Examples and Responses
Acting on employee feedback is one of the best ways to improve your retention and recruitment efforts so you attract and keep top talent.
Your Workforce: The Most Important Asset You’re Not Maintaining
If you think your employees are expendable, then you may be headed for a crash. You should always maintain your workforce--your most important asset.
How to Set Up a Flexible Work Schedule
There’s more to a flexible work schedule than letting employees choose their hours. These policies will help you recruit and retain talent.
11 tips for creating a modern work dress code
A well-crafted work dress code can help elevate the tone in your workplace while respecting individuality. Let Monster.com help get you started.
5 Top Leadership Tips
These simple but impactful leadership tips will help you drive positive change for your organization and inspire future leaders.