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Let’s Build a Snowman: Team Building Ideas for Any Season

Let’s Build a Snowman: Team Building Ideas for Any Season

By: Connie Blaszczyk, Managing Editor, Resource Center

What have you done lately to invigorate employee engagement? What about hosting a snowman-building contest –or requiring employees to hug a co-worker for 10 seconds? 

Those are a few of the successful team building ideas used at CLEARLINK, a Utah-based company that provides content and conversion services for top consumer brands.

Despite the ongoing recession, the company is experiencing significant growth, due in part to their innovative company website as well as their vibrant social media strategy.  

Here are seven team building ideas from the Clearlink team:

Share a Clear Mission Statement:  To work at CLEARLINK you have to be interested in forming strong relationships. Their company mission statement: I will create and maintain valuable relationships. 

Engage with your Community: Create fun and unique events with your local community. It serves double duty as a team building exercise as well building your company brand. This year CLEARLINK broke a Guinness World Record and invited the community to get involved (most consecutive snowmen built in one hour!)

Announce your Company’s Values: CLEARLINK has a list of core values that defines what they're looking for in new hires. The two biggies are crush mediocrity and improve yourself first. The company want peoples who crave and create forward movement in their personal and professional lives, who can work autonomously, and who embrace change.

Initiate Communication: In one of their meetings, CLEARLINK's CEO made everyone in the room hug a co-worker for ten grueling seconds. It was an exercise is breaking down barriers — once you’ve hugged, you can certainly talk!

Define People as Individuals: CLEARLINK's Cluster program for new hires matches each employee with 5-6 other people from various departments to help integrate new hires with a variety of CLEARLINKers. The goal: help people get to know each other as people, not just roles. 

Have Employees Contribute to your Website: Having employees contribute content is much cheaper than outsourcing copywriting. CLEARLINK employees have had a huge influence on the site's original content and ongoing updates. The result is that employees feel some level of ownership and pride in the company website.

Let Employees Dish: People always ask how the CLEARLINKS manages to get employees to say such great things on the company website and Facebook profile – the truth is that they really don’t try. Instead, efforts go into employees' daily interactions with the company and how they feel about themselves and their work.