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How To Cultivate A Diverse STEM Workforce

How To Cultivate A Diverse STEM Workforce

In recognition of the value that a diverse workforce brings to business today, Monster asked Harris Interactive® — a leading market research firm – to conduct research that examines the importance of diversity recruiting in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematical (STEM) professions.

Respondents to the 2012 Monster survey, Diversity Recruiting in STEM Occupations, found that traditional recruitment activities work well for recruiting diverse candidates in STEM fields.

Survey respondents answered the question, “What are some strategies to meeting this challenge [recruiting diverse STEM candidates] that have worked well?”

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Respondents found traditional recruitment practices are the front line of diversity recruiting. The next three most effective techniques are employee outreach programs (especially those focused on working with diverse current employees) and partnerships with agencies/organizations followed by schools/universities.

According to the Monster report, all the tools of recruiting — budgeting, job descriptions, planning, search, sourcing, assessment, interviewing, onboarding, etc. — must be assessed as to whether they are attracting a diverse audience.

A simple example of this would be assessing which advertising venues are actually encountered by the broadest possible audiences; one pitfall of advertising across a broad set of channels is that they might overlap so much that the message is, in effect, simply reaching the same audience over and over. Adjusting the channel mix to reach target audiences would be appropriate.

Executives assert that verbal support at the top of the organization is necessary but insufficient. Diversity is a mainstream value, woven into daily work life in various forms, such as airing different points of view or soliciting input from a wide range of employees.

Download the Full Report: Diversity Recruiting in STEM Occupations
Download the Executive Summary: Diversity Recruiting in STEM Occupations

Findings from the study:

Survey Methodology:
Monster and Harris Interactive conducted an online survey in August 2011 in which more than 400 Chief Diversity Officers or SVPs of Human Resources participated from a representative group of companies involved with architecture and engineering, computer and mathematics or life, physical and social science disciplines. Additionally, we conducted in-depth interviews with diversity and human resources executives.