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Create a Great Work Environment in a Recession: Staffing

Create a Great Work Environment in a Recession: Staffing

These four staffing companies cultivate a positive workplace despite the downturn.

In the current so-called Great Recession, some staffing companies have managed to maintain a great work environment and keep their employees engaged and even happy. The question is — how do they do it?

For answers, we turned to companies that have been acknowledged as great places to work and asked them to share their thoughts.  While approaches vary, some themes emerge in their responses.

We invite you to read about these companies’ innovative employee engagement programs and initiatives with the links below. 

Arcus promotes an environment of creativity and inclusion. While the Arcus Recognition Program and President’s Club reward great work, more light-hearted initiatives like Wednesday Pick-Me-Ups help to maintain a positive work environment. 

Kforce prioritizes recognition, appreciation and support, especially in tough economic times.  Rewards for the company’s many recognition programs are based on employee preferences.  A formalized stewardship program encourages community involvement.

Laguna Source looks to engage employees by offering them opportunities to work on new projects outside of their normal role. An increased work from home policy looks to better suit employee needs. Revenue incentives will be added as the economy recovers.

Professional Staffing Group (PSG) provides employees with classroom training throughout the year. The company feels strongly about promoting from within and empowering employees with new roles and responsibilities. Communication is a constant priority.