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Create a Great Work Environment in a Recession: Healthcare

Create a Great Work Environment in a Recession: Healthcare

These four healthcare companies cultivate a positive workplace despite the downturn.

In the current so-called Great Recession, some healthcare companies have managed to maintain a great work environment and keep their employees engaged and even happy. The question is — how do they do it?

For answers, we turned to companies that have been acknowledged as great places to work and asked them to share their thoughts.  While approaches vary, some themes emerge in their responses.

We invite you to read about these companies’ innovative employee engagement programs and initiatives with the links below. 

Baptist Health South Florida regularly reaches out to employees with focus groups or formal surveys to find out what matters most to them.  They’ve also introduced a twenty-four-seven support service for employees.

Baylor Health Care System offers employees a pay-for-performance merit process. Service excellence is acknowledged and encouraged with monthly awards. Employee engagement involves everyone, including non-management employees.

DaVita demonstrates their belief that “great communities have great communication” with a number of unique programs.  These include Voice of the Village meetings in which employees can call in their questions or they can attend a Town Hall meeting.

Resurrection Health Care believes in fostering a company culture that’s open and transparent.  Employees who go above and beyond are regularly recognized.  Camaraderie is encouraged with pot-luck suppers and fitness clubs.