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Hear More from your Favorite SHRM17 Presenters

Hear More from your Favorite SHRM17 Presenters

Connie Blaszczyk, Managing Editor, Monster Resource Center

Were you among the 15,000 HR professionals who attended SHRM17?  If so, you deserve an engaged-employee award! You braved the torrential rains and winds of Tropical Storm Cindy — driven by a tenacious desire to expand your knowledge and career.  

Weather aside, the city of New Orleans proved a delightful host to attendees from across the country and around the world. Keynote speakers for the 69th Annual Conference and Exposition for the Society for Human Resource Management included The Table Group Founder and President Patrick Lencioni,  Focus Brand, Inc. Group President Kat Cole, former Google HR head Lazlo Bock and entrepreneur and TV personality Laila Ali. 

The number of concurrent sessions was downright dizzying as was the distance between sessions. (Good thing – all those steps helped walk off my beignet consumption!) 

Whether you couldn’t make the conference, or you just wished it could have gone on for another week, you are in luck. Many of the inspiring presenters at this year’s SHRM have contributed their expertise to the Monster Resource Center in the past. We’ve compiled the links below to help you continue your education.

So SHRM17 may be over, but the joy of learning continues. Stay all in! (And if you’re still in NOLA, can you please send me some beignets?!)

Patrick Lencioni

Patrick Lencioni
SHRM17 Keynote Speaker: The Ideal Team Player

Lencioni is Founder and President of The Table Group, a firm that is dedicated to providing organizations with ideas, products and services that improve teamwork, clarify and employee engagement. His 11 best-selling business books have sold over 5 million copies around the world with translations in 30 different languages. His latest book is The Ideal Team Player: How to Recognize and Cultivate The Three Essential Virtues (Jossey-Bass,2016)

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Cultivate a Healthy Business Culture for your Small Business
A Prescription to Increase Productivity and Employee Morale

Follow him on social: @PatrickLencioni

Bruce TulganBruce Tulgan
SHRM17 Session:
The Great Generational Shift: Preparing for the Emerging Post-Boomer Workforce

Tulgan, founder and CEO of Rainmaker Thinking, Inc., is internationally recognized as the leading expert on young people in the workplace and one of the leading experts on leadership and management. A best-selling author, his most recent book is the updated and expanded edition of Not Everyone Gets a Trophy: How to Manage the Millennials (Wiley/Jossey-Bass, 2016).

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Monster Hiring Podcast: The Importance of Soft Skills
A Six-Step Hiring Strategy to Identify Soft Skills 

Follow him on social: @BruceTulgan 

Bob KelleherBob Kelleher
SHRM17 Session: Building the Case for ROI that Employee Engagement Drives Business Results
SHRM17 Smart Stage: Empathy is the New Black: Learn Why Empathy is the Single Biggest Engagement Driver

Kelleher is a best-selling author, international keynote speaker and consultant who travels the globe sharing his insights on employee engagement, leadership, and workforce trends. He is the author of the recently released I-Engage: Your Personal Engagement Roadmap.

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Employee Engagement and Creativeship: Lessons for Leaders 
10 Practical Employee Engagement Steps that Drive Results 
Employee Engagement for Dummies 

Follow him on social: @BobKelleher 

Dan SchawbelDan Schawbel:
SHRM17 Session:
The Top 10 Workplace Trends for 2017

Schawbel is a New York Times best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, Fortune 500 consultant, Millennial TV personality, global keynote speaker, career and workplace expert. He is Research Director at Future Workplace, Founder of Millennial Branding and author of two career books: Promote Yourself  (St. Martins Griffin, 2014) and Me 2.0  (Kaplan Publishing, 2010).

Read more from him at Monster: 
How Millennials Can Succeed: An Interview with Dan Schawbel  

Follow him on social: @DanSchawbel

Cy WakemanCy Wakeman:
SHRM17 Session:
The Drama Quotient

Wakeman is a dynamic national keynote speaker and New York Times bestselling-author who has spent over 20 years cultivating a revolutionary approach to leadership and work. Her Reality-Based Philosophy helps leaders and their teams ditch the drama, turn excuses into results, and find opportunities in every challenge they face. Her latest book is The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace: Know What Boosts Your Value, Kills Your Chances, & Will Make You Happier (Jossey-Bass; 2013).

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How Employee Accountability Drives Engagement
After a Restructuring, Focus on Employee Motivation 

Follow her on social: @CyWakeman

Srikumar RaoSrikumar Rao:
SHRM17 Session:
Achieving a Breakthrough in Personal Excellence & Leadership

Dr. Rao has helped thousands of executives and entrepreneurs all over the world discover deep meaning. His methods have enabled them to achieve quantum leaps in effectiveness. Dr. Rao has authored numerous books, including Happiness at Work: Be Resilient, Motivated, and Successful – No Matter What (McGraw-Hill Education, 2010).

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Help Motivate Employees with these Ten Tips 

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