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How to improve employee engagement ideas through creativeship

How to improve employee engagement ideas through creativeship

“Creativeship” is not in the dictionary. It’s one of those words you have to look up on the internet, and even then it’s a bit of a head-scratcher. What’s a head-scratcher? It’s a thing that some people find a little hard to understand—like the term “creativeship.”

Bob Kelleher, who defined the word, says it’s “the creation of sustainable cultures and business models.” If you’re looking for ideas on how to improve employee engagement ideas, his thoughts could blow your mind.

Before employee engagement

Kelleher, an author and worldwide speaker on workforce trends, leadership, and employee engagement, explained his leadership ideas for a Monster webinar called Creativeship: The Evolution from Management to Leadership to Creativeship. That was 2013, and employers are still coming to terms with his concept of “creativeship.”

To Kelleher, “business leadership” traditionally meant to lead people, build fellowship, and make money. But then he realized that was an “archaic definition” that needed rethinking. For example, he said employee engagement by itself will not sustain a company. “While employee engagement remains the secret sauce that separates you from your competition, engaged employees alone will not guarantee business success,” he explained.

Companies need to do better than engage employees to sustain a business. Kelleher said even profit, growth, client satisfaction, and solid leadership by themselves are not enough. Business leaders must learn how to improve employee engagement ideas.

Creatively improve employee engagement

To sustain a business, Kelleher says leaders should rethink their approach to employee engagement. For example, he defines employee engagement as “the unlocking of employee potential to drive high performance.”

“To help employees reach their potential, leaders must tap into the intrinsic motivational drivers of their employees and develop a job match that finds symbiosis between what an employee is great at, what they love to do, and what needs to get done,” he says. Here are some Kelleher takeaways:

  • Survey employees to find out what motivates them
  • Give them assignments that tap their greatest skills
  • Set realistic goals so that they will have success
  • Make sure those goals sustain company growth

It comes down to engaging workers in re-creating their companies. Let them know they are an important part of the whole. Reinforce the message in email slogans; inspire it through office design; make it fun with off-site activities.

Kelleher, who authored the book Employee Engagement for Dummies, says employees and employers can transform together. It’s a creative process that requires commitment from workers and their companies. “I like to define the word ‘engagement’ as a ‘mutual commitment,’” he says. Fortunately, unlike “creativeship,” “commitment” is in the dictionary.

Wondering how to improve employee engagement ideas for your business? Monster can help

“Creativeship” translates to “creative leadership.” It includes finding out what employees really want, then leading them with goals that tie in with the company’s plan for sustained growth. This engagement should start at the beginning—your employee-selection process. Before you recruit new employees for your company, sign up for Monster Hiring Solutions, and you’ll get the latest in hiring insights, job market trends, and more.