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How to Source and Interview Home Health Aides

How to Source and Interview Home Health Aides

By: John Rossheim

By 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts home health aides will increase by 70 percent as the demands for assistance and companionship continue to increase.

The tips below will assist with hiring home health aides, including how to interview, source and close the deal.

How Home Health Aides Are Sourced:

  • Some home health agencies regularly recruit graduates of training programs
  • Word of mouth can yield high-quality candidates for HHAs
  • Job postings are most effective when they specify available shifts and locations

Recruiter Tips:

  • “The vast majority of our candidates come to us by word of mouth,” says Ruth Farrago, director of operations at Humana Inc.’s SeniorBridge, a multistate home-care agency. “We do open houses, go into communities, place ads in local publications, do job fairs and get involved with community organizations.”
  • “Our best caregivers give us our best candidates,” says Farrago. “We have a referral bonus program.”

When Interviewing Home Health Aides:

  • Communication skills must be tested face-to-face
  • Home health aides should demonstrate a positive attitude
  • Real-time problem-solving skills should be probed

Recruiter Tips:

  • “We use a number of tools, including a screening test and face-to-face interview with role-play questions,” says Farrago. “We ask real-life questions to see how the caregiver would think. Do they know when to call a supervisor?”
  • “We assess their presentation and language skills, their comfort in speaking,” says Farrago. “So we know who we’re hiring. And it helps us match caregivers with our clients.”

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