Employee Retention Strategies

Topics include: staff retention, employee turnover, employee motivation and more.

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Employee retention compensation strategies
Finding ways to prevent your top talent from leaving is crucial to running your business. Learn more about employee retention compensation at Monster.com.
A hiring manager welcoming a new employee they poached from a competitor.
Is Employee Poaching Legal?
Here’s everything you need to know about employee poaching how to prevent employees from bringing their skills to your competition.
Manager taking care of business (in an empty office) during a staffing shortage.
How to Manage a Staffing Shortage
Implement this expert advice to strengthen your team, increase retention, and boost your bottom line during a staffing shortage.
Two women, hiring managers, review possible company job titles for use in their recruitment efforts.
How Company Job Titles Can Improve Recruitment and Retention
Follow these best practices to choose company job titles that will help you attract and retain top talent to your organization.
Retaining Top Talent: How to Ask an Employee to Stay
Losing your best employees can be a major blow to productivity and morale. Learn how to ask an employee to stay or come back by visiting Monster.com for tips and advice.
Hiring Millennials vs. hiring Gen Z: What’s the difference?
Whether you're hiring millennials or hiring Gen Z workers, there aer benefits (and differences) to both members of the emerging workforce. Learn a few here.

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Employee questionnaire: sample survey you can use
Employee questionnaires are one proven way to measure the attitudes of your workforce. Get more information on this and other useful retention and recruiting tools by visiting Monster.com.
Talent-Management Strategies for Retaining High-Performing Employees
Before you can retain a high-performing employee, you have to find one. Monster Hiring Solutions offers expert recruiting advice and the latest hiring trends to help employers find and retain high-peforming employees.
Employee Retention: Big Company Tactics for Small Businesses
You don't have to be a Fortune 500 company to keep top talent. These big company tactics for small businesses will help you retain the best and brightest.
How can I retain talent despite budget cuts – James Caan
Budget cuts are always difficult for departments or entire businesses, especially when you're concerned about keeping top employees. We'll show you how.
Why Employee Retention Doesn’t Matter
Keeping your best workers is key, but sometimes you may need to let them go. We'll show you why employee retention shouldn't be done for its own sake.
Aligning Company Mission with Vision
Attracting and retaining top talent is much easier when your team is able to identify and convey a sense of purpose, aliging mission with vision.
How to Retain Gen Y Employees? Invert the Pyramid
In order to retain Gen Y employees, you need to be transparent, move away from a top-down hierarchy, and properly challenge them to keep their interest.
How Successful Companies Attract and Retain Employees
Human resources and employee retention expert Davis Russo discusses how the most successful companies attract and retain employees.

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Addressing retention issues with management and motivation
Employee turnover can eat up a large chunk of your company's budget. Go to Monster.com to learn about ways to fix your retention issues.