Supervisor Job Description Template

A supervisor, with clipboard, shaking the hand of one of her employees.

The term “supervisor” is used for a wide variety of roles involving the management and supervision of employees, facilities, and other assets. The key to finding the right person for the job is to write a compelling supervisor job description that attracts qualified candidates.

This description template can assist in your creation of a job application that will attract the best candidates who are well qualified for the job (if you’re writing a lead supervisor job description, for example, you might list qualifications indicating senior-level experience). You can also browse our supervisor job listings for more ideas about how to build the perfect posting.

A supervisor, with clipboard, shaking the hand of one of her employees.


[Intro paragraph] Before you get into the supervisor job qualifications for your open position, we encourage you to begin your job description with two or three sentences telling prospective supervisors a little bit about your company. This is your opportunity to sell job candidates on your corporate culture, working environment, and values, as well as what you bring to the table for new employees.

Keep in mind that these responsibilities will vary according to the position. So, whether you’re writing a production supervisor job description, store supervisor job description, warehouse supervisor job description, or something else entirely, be sure to include the pertinent details.

Supervisor Job Responsibilities:

  • Accomplishes department objectives by supervising staff and organizing and monitoring work processes.
  • Maintains staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees and developing personal growth opportunities.
  • Accomplishes staff job results by coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees.
  • Plans, monitors, and appraises job results.
  • Conducts training.
  • Implements and enforces systems, policies, and procedures.
  • Maintains safe and healthy work environment by establishing and enforcing organization standards and adhering to legal regulations.
  • Completes operations by developing schedules, assigning and monitoring work, gathering resources, implementing productivity standards, resolving operations problems, maintaining reference manuals, and implementing new procedures.
  • Controls expenses by gathering and submitting budget information, scheduling expenditures, monitoring variances, and implementing corrective actions.
  • Provides quality service by enforcing quality and customer service standards.
  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

[Work Hours & Benefits] Now that supervisors know what’s required of them, here is where you may want to include details about your working hours and benefits. Highlight the possibility for flexible hours, seasonal requirements, or overtime options. It’s also a great opportunity to describe any employee benefits that set your company apart, like commissions, profit sharing, or paid time off.

Supervisor Qualifications / Skills:

  • Quality management
  • Supervision
  • Tracking budget expenses
  • Safety management
  • Staffing
  • Delegation
  • Performance management
  • Organization
  • Fostering teamwork
  • Self-development
  • Giving feedback

Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:

  • High school diploma, GED, or equivalent
  • Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in business or management preferred
  • Industry and management experience a plus

[Call to Action] The best performing supervisor job descriptions also include a strong call to action, giving potential applicants specific details on exactly how to apply. Provide supervisors with contact information for your hiring manager, advise them regarding required supporting documents, or simply tell them to click on the “apply” button at the top of the job listing.

Attract and Hire the Best Supervisor for Your Company

Now that you’ve written a supervisor job description that adequately describes the role, explains the qualifications you’re seeking, and gets top talent excited to apply, you need to get it front of qualified candidates. Get started today by posting a free ad with Monster.