Software Test Engineer Job Description Template

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Software test engineers are essential members of your software development team. Though they don’t build and develop software, they test the already developed software for bugs, functionality, speed, and various other factors. To find qualified candidates who will ensure your products are of the utmost quality, start by creating a software test engineer job description that you can post on popular job boards to advertise your open position.

Use this template as the basis for your description and find your next software test engineer fast. Also, browse Monster’s software test engineer job listings for more ideas about how to construct your post.

A team reviews employer branding metrics.

Software Test Engineer Job Description

Intro Paragraph: The introduction to your job description should be a quick overview of what the job entails and what type of candidates you’re looking for. You want prospects to immediately tell whether they are interested in your open position.

Here’s an example you can use as a starting point:

Our company is hiring a software test engineer to make development recommendations on the front end for various software applications and then create and perform tests on the back end. We are looking for candidates who are experienced in ensuring that developers create user-friendly, error-free, and high-quality products. Ideal candidates are team players who can articulate suggestions clearly and concisely and have great attention to detail. We are looking for someone who won’t let our products go to market with the slightest flaw.

About Our Organization: After your introduction, include information about what makes your company a great workplace. Paint a picture of your core values and company culture so candidates can decide if your company can offer the work environment they want.

You can also include whether you offer regular pay raises and promotions and if your employees benefit from continuous skill development and mentorship. Showing how you reward employees for their hard work will help you attract high-quality, skilled candidates.

Software Test Engineer Job Responsibilities: The job responsibilities you’re looking for may vary, but here are some of the common ones you can use on your software test engineer job description to get you started:

  • Work with the software development team to create products that align with company goals and support customer needs.
  • Design manual and automated tests that can be used to evaluate software from various angles, such as quality, speed, accuracy, and functionality (including white box, black box, and gray box testing methods).
  • Create and use these testing methods and scripts to evaluate software and record data that illustrates where fixes may be necessary.
  • Communicate the recommended fixes to the software development team along with documentation that backs up what needs to be addressed and how.
  • Ensure all products meet industry, company, and customer standards before going to market.
  • Obtain customer feedback and make recommendations based on learnings.
  • Keep track of all testing stages and results.

Work Hours and Benefits: All candidates want to know the required hours. Include information about whether you’re hiring for a full- or part-time job and if employees are expected to work in an office or are permitted to telecommute.

Offering flexible work schedules is a great way to secure top talent in the software test engineer field, and so is creating a generous package of benefits and perks. Some ideas to list here include:

  • Healthcare packages
  • Generous paid time off (PTO)
  • Gym memberships
  • Daycare assistance
  • Commuting stipends
  • Pet-friendly offices
  • Free lunches, snacks, or drinks

Software test engineers are often highly paid, so if you know the salary range, mention it here. If you’re in a state that has passed salary range transparency laws, you may be required to disclose this information regardless.

Software Test Engineer Qualifications and Skills:

List specific qualifications and skills on your software test engineer job description to ensure quality candidates apply. Be sure to clarify whether your list is required so candidates who don’t check every box aren’t discouraged from sending in their resume. Edit this list to meet your needs:

  • Experience testing software and computer systems using a variety of languages (JavaScript, C++, Python, etc.).
  • Comfortable using scrum software development methods.
  • Familiar with the different methods for software testing, such as integration, security, acceptance, and usability.
  • Knowledgeable about various debugging and defect-detecting tools.
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, high-stakes work environment.
  • Strong communication, analytical, and creativity skills.

Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, mechanical engineering, or similar field.
  • Five years experience as a software test engineer or similar role.
  • Relevant industry certifications, such as the Certified Associate in Software Testing (CAST) or the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) Certification.

Call to Action: Don’t end your job description without a clear call to action, such as “contact us” or “apply here.” Candidates should know exactly which steps you’d like them to take when they’re interested in your company and position.

Your Next Software Test Engineer Is Just a Job Description Away

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