Java Developer Job Description Template

A java developer explaining coding concepts to a colleague.

A skilled java developer has the technical skills to develop, code, test, and debug software and apps. They must also have the necessary soft skills to work well independently and with other members of a software development team. If you have an opening, it’s essential to write a java developer job description that attracts candidates with the skills to be successful.

There’s a high demand for talented java developers. The most effective job descriptions double as an elevator pitch for the role and company.

Start by reading java developer job postings on Monster to see how your competitors are hiring for the role. Save time on the writing process by editing this job description template to find someone who will be an asset to your team and make software and apps your users will enjoy.

A java developer explaining coding concepts to a colleague.

Java Developer

[Intro Paragraph] Make a good first impression by showing why your company is a great place to work. Discuss the company culture, values, mission, and any awards your team has won. Share relevant metrics like user numbers, website traffic, time on site, annual revenue, and venture capital funding. Ambitious java developers will want to grow at your company. Mention any professional development opportunities your company offers like training programs, mentorship programs, career development planning, and professional development stipends. You may also want to share the career trajectory for the role.

Java Developer Job Responsibilities: Use this section of your java developer job description to list the main job responsibilities at your company. Include a detailed list so candidates can determine whether they want to apply. Here are some common java developer job responsibilities to get you started:

  • Works on all stages of the software development life cycle (SDLC).
  • Develops, codes, tests, and debugs software and applications using Java.
  • Designs features and makes improvements based on user experience data.
  • Completes unit testing to identify and fix programming errors.
  • Uses common testing and software documentation tools.
  • Writes software documentation guides.
  • Collaborates with other members of the software development team.

[Work Hours and Benefits] Most java developers work full-time, so be sure to specify if it’s a part-time role. If it’s a part-time role, mention the days and hours. Next, share the benefits you offer for the role, such as health insurance, dental insurance, paid time off, paid parental leave, a 401(k) with matching, bonuses, and stipends. Share other relevant perks like the ability to work remotely all or part of the time and to set a flexible schedule. Mention any other perks you offer that java developers are accustomed to like free lunch and snacks, a pet-friendly office, and discounts.

Java Developer Qualifications and Skills: Use these sections of your java developer job description to share the qualifications. Some people will only apply for a job if they meet all the qualifications. You’re likely to have more applicants if you specify what is necessary versus preferred. For example, you might want to include:

  • Knows core Java skills and is familiar with Java build tools, EE components, testing tools, application containers, and markup languages.
  • Demonstrates analytical and problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
  • Works well independently and has solid time management, prioritization, and organization skills.
  • Collaborates with coworkers and has strong communication, relationship-building, and cooperation skills.

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent is required.
  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, information systems, or a related major is preferred.
  • Must have at least [number] of years of programming experience.

[Call to Action] End your java developer job posting with a strong call to action. For example, you could invite interested candidates to apply and provide instructions for applying from the job board or your website. It’s helpful to include the hiring timeline and next steps in the hiring process so candidates know what to expect.

Hire a Skilled Java Developer

Your customized java developer job description will attract candidates with the technical and soft skills necessary to build software and apps your users will enjoy. Reach qualified java developers quickly with a free job posting on Monster.