Executive Assistant Job Description Template

In order to have time to accomplish their high-level responsibilities, executives often hire an executive assistant who can manage tasks like calendar management, bookings, and answering the phone. Great executive assistants are organized, detail-oriented, responsible, and understand that it’s their job to make their boss’ life easier. Writing a compelling executive assistant job description is the first step to finding the right fit for your team.

You can edit this job description template to kick off an effective job search. As you customize your job description for your hiring needs, it’s helpful to review executive assistant job openings on Monster.

Executive Assistant Job Description

[Intro Paragraph] Start with a short summary of the role and the main responsibilities. This will help candidates decide if they are interested in the role and want to apply.

About Our Workplace: Use this section of your executive assistant job description to share why your company is a great place to work. For example, you could describe the company culture, mission, values, and commitment to professional development.

Executive Assistant Job Responsibilities: Customize this list to match your hiring needs so potential candidates can determine if they are interested in the day-to-day work and have the hard and soft skills to be successful. For example, you may want to include:

  • Manages an executive’s calendar, including scheduling internal and external meetings
  • Books travel and travel accommodations, including hotels and taxis
  • Answers phone calls and takes detailed messages
  • Fills out expense reports and other paperwork on behalf of the executive
  • Purchases office supplies
  • Makes sure confidential information stays private

[Work Hours & Benefits] This is where you’ll describe the work hours. Executive assistants occasionally have to work weekends, early mornings, and late nights. Note the salary range and if your executive assistants get overtime pay. You can also use this section of your executive assistant job description to share the benefits you offer for the role and any compelling perks like your remote work policy, professional development initiatives, and free snacks.

Executive Assistant Skills and Qualifications: Use these sections to highlight the necessary skills and experience. This is often an entry level or early career role, so keep in mind that motivated candidates will learn on the job. Some people will only apply if they meet all the qualifications, so it’s beneficial to note what is required versus preferred. Here are some examples you could include:

  • Demonstrates excellent organization and time-management skills
  • Has strong written and verbal communication skills

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred, but not required

[Call to Action] End your executive assistant job description with a call to action. You could invite candidates to apply and let them know how to submit their application.

Hire an Executive Assistant

After customizing your executive assistant job description, you’re ready to start the hiring process. Create a job posting on Monster to reach qualified candidates who can make your professional life easier.