Dispatcher Job Description Template

A dispatcher, wearing a headset, checks routes for her fleet of trucks.

Dispatchers are crucial to maintaining efficiency, safety, and compliance with trucking regulations across your fleet. A great dispatcher can save you money and help you retain your best drivers, so make sure your dispatcher job description attracts the best candidates.

Use this dispatcher job description template as a general guide, adding details that reflect the specific duties and skills for the job. For more information about writing your job description, see our dispatcher job listings.

A dispatcher, wearing a headset, checks routes for her fleet of trucks.


[Intro Paragraph] The opening paragraph of your dispatcher job description should capture the attention of top candidates by “selling” the workplace. Be sure to include specific information about your organization, whether it’s a large logistics operation or a smaller company. This is where you want to break away from the competitors that are offering similar positions by describing what makes your company different.

Dispatcher Job Responsibilities:

  • Delivers items to customers by verifying orders.
  • Inventories stock.
  • Arranges transportation.
  • Organizes item order by editing for price, promotions, and weight compliance.
  • Arranges shipments by checking stock to determine inventory levels, anticipating delivery requirements, and placing/expediting orders.
  • Ships items by examining items, destination, route, rate, and delivery time; ordering carriers.
  • Verifies items shipped by matching bills of lading, reconciling quantities, and noting discrepancies.
  • Keeps customers informed by forwarding notice of item availability, shipment date and method, and current status; answering questions.
  • Protects the organization’s reputation by keeping pricing, promotion, purchase order, and credit-limit information confidential.

[Work Hours & Benefits] Placing information about work hours and benefits in this location helps keep potential employees’ attention and encourages them to continue reading the posting. Here is the place where you want to mention the working environment and requirements like overtime, break schedules, and weekend work. Additionally, make sure to discuss any special benefits that your company offers that other employers may not.

Dispatcher Skills and Qualifications

  • Documentation
  • Data entry
  • Telephone
  • Listening and verbal communication
  • High energy level
  • Dependability
  • Multi-tasking
  • Emotional control
  • Reporting

Education and Experience Requirements

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Prior customer service experience may be preferred
  • Certification varies by state

[Call to Action] Including a call to action here at the end of your dispatcher job description will get you more responses to your job posting. Give the candidate a clear direction about how to apply. For instance, “apply on the company website” or “send your resume to [hiring manager or recruiter’s contact information].”

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