Customer Service Representative Job Description Template

A skilled customer service representative can keep your customers happy, even when they’re experiencing an issue with your business. The ability to actively listen to their complaints and then offer creative solutions is an essential skill — and not always easy to find. No matter the type of candidate you’re looking for, the first step to finding a good fit for your open position is to create an effective customer service representative job description.

This job description template will help you attract great-fit candidates and simplify your search. Also, browse Monster’s customer service representative job listings for more ideas about which details you should include to remain a competitive employer.

This template was written by Monster’s team of experts based on job description best practices.

Customer Service Representative Job Description

Intro Paragraph: Your first few sentences should be a quick snapshot of what the job entails and which types of candidates you’re looking for. Since it’s the first impression applicants will have, it’s your opportunity to stand out to job seekers and highlight what you bring to the table for new hires.

For example, you might write something like:

At [company name], we’re looking for a customer service representative to answer customer calls, assess their needs, and walk them through effective solutions to their questions and grievances. We are looking for candidates with a high emotional intelligence and ability to serve our customers with empathy. If you are looking to join a company that values professional growth and teamwork, along with a positive work environment, we’d love to hear from you.

About Our Workplace: In the next section of your customer service representative job description, describe how your company culture makes your workplace attractive to the top talent in your field. This might be insights into your company values, such as great teamwork and accountability.

This is especially useful for attracting Gen Z and Millennial employees, who often seek roles that align with their interests and values. Edit this general “about us” paragraph to get started:

Our team at [company name] is motivated to not only provide excellent care for our customers, but also cultivate a warm and welcoming environment for our employees. If you are a customer service professional who values hard work and transparency, and you’re dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our customers, no matter their challenge, then [company name] is the place for you.

Customer Service Representative Job Responsibilities: After writing about your company, flesh out the details of your open position by providing a list of the major job responsibilities. Edit this list to align with your specific needs:

  • Serves customers by resolving product and service challenges, as well as providing relevant product and service information that helps solve them.
  • Keeps track of customer correspondence and logs key account information and customer data.
  • Resolves product or service problems by investigating the customer’s complaint, determining the cause of the problem, selecting and explaining the best solution for the problem, expediting correction or adjustment, and following up to ensure resolution and customer satisfaction.
  • Upholds customer confidentiality, especially regarding financial matters and identity.
  • Processes customer refunds, shipments, and account adjustments.
  • Helps prepare customer service reports by collecting and analyzing customer information.
  • Upsells customers with information about other products and services when appropriate.
  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related tasks as needed.

Work Hours and Benefits: Use this section of your customer service representative job description to share the working hours and benefits that come with the job. For example, do they need to work Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm? Is it a full- or part-time position? You might also include whether you offer flex scheduling or a hybrid work environment.

This is another chance to get potential applicants excited to apply by listing any benefits and perks that you offer and set your firm apart. For example, perhaps you offer generous paid vacation time off, commuting credits, or childcare reimbursements.

Customer Service Representative Qualifications and Skills: Every customer service representative position is different, so edit this list of general qualifications and skills to meet your needs:

  • Strong listening, communicating, and customer service skills.
  • Ability to multitask and provide effective solutions.
  • Works well with others and helps foster a supportive work environment.
  • Knowledge of our company’s market, industry, and products.
  • Comfortable problem solving while also creating an enjoyable experience for our customers.
  • Able to document customer service calls efficiently and with detail.
  • Knows how to ease conflict and provide the appropriate resolutions.
  • Completes tasks on time and can prioritize work.

Education and Requirements:

  • College degree is preferred
  • Two to three years’ customer service experience is required
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office software and phone systems

Call to Action: Now that prospective candidates are familiar with your company and the job requirements, you need a compelling call to action, such as “learn more” or “apply now” so candidates understand the next steps. Let them know how to apply. Also mention any supporting documents they need to include.

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