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How to Source Physical Therapists

How to Source Physical Therapists

By: John Rossheim

Sourcing Physical Therapy Graduates:

  • Students in PT programs are typically snapped up by employers months before they graduate
  • Recruiter participation in jobs events is key
  • Engage with potential new hires before they graduate

Recruiter Tip:“November is when the hiring happens, and like most PT programs, our graduates have a 100 percent employment rate,” says Andy McCall, manager and team leader for physical therapist recruiting at McCall and Lee in Frisco, Texas.

Sourcing Experienced PTs:

  • Be prepared to use “every means necessary”
    • This can include cold-calling, online networking, online job ads
  • Build and maintain relationships with physical therapist training programs

Recruiter Tips on How to Source Physical Therapists:

  • "Two to 10 years of experience is optimal, because they’ve learned how to work fast, and work well with patients,” says McCall. 
  • Large employers of PTs seek many opportunities to develop a relationship with a promising candidate. Kristen Peterson, PT, of Chicago, aware of Athletico through the provider's many storefront operations, met with a representative at a career fair at her school, did clinical rotations with the company, kept abreast of job openings on their web site, and successfully responded to the opportunity at the geographic location that suited her best.

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