IT Manager Interview Questions

Interviewer asking IT manager interview questions in office

We’ve all experienced issues with our technological devices. From failing internet connections to frozen screens. In fact, one of the most common IT complaints for employees is dealing with hardware that isn’t working. If your team can’t get past a “PC Load Letter” error on their printer, it may be time to evaluate your IT support team.

That’s where an IT manager comes in. By overseeing your IT problems — and solutions — they ensure that your office technology promotes the workflow of your business. But hiring the right IT manager comes with several challenges. Besides IT qualifications, the candidate also needs to possess management and leadership skills. That’s why it’s important for your job description to mention these specific skills and responsibilities.

But what will ultimately set your candidates apart is the interview process. Knowing the right questions to ask in advance not only saves you time but also reveals what you need to know about a candidate’s personality and abilities before you make your decision. To jumpstart your brainstorming process, here are some specific IT manager interview questions that you can ask to get beyond the resume and find the right fit.

Start Off with a Strong Icebreaker

Most people consider a job interview fairly nerve-wracking. To make the candidate feel more comfortable and to set the right tone for the interview, consider starting with a good icebreaker question. Try to ask open and creative questions to encourage the candidate to open up and think outside the box. Here are some examples of icebreaker questions you can ask:

  • What made you start your career in IT?
  • How do you keep your tech skills updated?
  • What’s your favorite software program?
  • If you had the tools to create your own website/app, what would it be?
  • From a front-end perspective, what’s your favorite video game and why?
  • In your opinion, what would the world look like if we didn’t have the internet?
  • Which IT professional/ software entrepreneur do you admire?
  • If you could work anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
  • What do you like to do when you’re not working?

IT Manager Interview Questions to Assess Skills

When interviewing candidates for an IT position, it’s important to prepare technical questions to determine whether they have the right knowledge. When asking these questions, try to focus on the qualifications mentioned in the job description, to evaluate if the candidate meets the expectations of the position. Some examples of these questions include:

  • Could you share your database design process?
  • Which programming languages are you comfortable with?
  • What level of experience do you have with software tools?
  • How do you handle source control?
  • What’s your experience in network security?
  • Are you familiar with creating a disaster recovery plan?
  • How do you stay up to date on the latest IT trends?
  • What’s the last utility you downloaded from the internet?
  • What was the last project you worked on and what were your responsibilities?
  • What project are you most proud of and what skills did you gain from it?

IT Manager Interview Questions to Assess Management Qualities

By asking managerial questions you’ll identify whether the candidate has the right background and skillset to lead a team. You want to find out what their leadership style looks like and whether they’ll be able to motivate and inspire their coworkers. Some questions you could ask include:

  • What’s your experience in leading groups and delegating tasks?
  • What were your responsibilities in previous management positions?
  • Could you describe your leadership approach?
  • How would you handle internal conflict?
  • What are your team-motivation strategies?
  • Which ingredients make a great team, and why?
  • How do you delegate responsibilities, and how do you do so in a fair way?
  • As a manager, what are the most difficult decisions you must make?
  • If one of your coworkers on your team is falling behind, how would you make sure they can keep up with the team?
  • How do you reward and acknowledge your team’s hard work?

Situational Interview Questions

Asking situational IT manager interview questions allows you to observe how the candidate would handle a specific job scenario. This reflects the problem-solving skills of the candidate. It’s important to note that most of these interview questions don’t have a right or wrong answer, as there are often several ways of handling situations. The key is that these questions allow you to better understand how a candidate will approach a particular scenario. Some examples of questions you can ask include:

  • You’re taking over from the previous IT manager who hasn’t implemented a data backup plan, what is the first thing you would do and why?
  • The keyboard, printer, and other equipment aren’t working properly. What do you check first? Explain why.
  • There are problems with the motherboard, specifically in the BIOS system. What is your first step in resolving this issue?
  • One of your team member’s PC won’t recognize a plugged-in USB device, what could be the issue?
  • Your boss asks you to create an IT plan. What is your writing process?
  • There has been a cyber-attack, how would you prioritize your response?
  • Your PC is frozen, what is the first thing you check?

Ready to Use Your IT Manager Interview Questions?

The key to a great interview is preparation, specifically when it comes to professional interview questions. Still, when you’re looking for the perfect hire, you first need a strong candidate pool to choose from. Monster can help deliver qualified and skillful candidates. Find out how by posting your job for free and getting your hiring process started.