City Planner Job Description Template

Attract candidates with an effective city planner job description.

Creating an effective city planner job description is the first step toward finding great-fit candidates. City planning is a multifaceted role that requires candidates who are comfortable building relationships and wearing several hats. You want to find a strong project manager who can meet the evolving needs of your community, whether it’s sociological, architectural, or financial.

This template will take the guesswork out of creating your job description. Simply edit this template to meet your needs and post it. You can also browse Monster’s city planner listings to get even more ideas from similar job descriptions.

Attract candidates with an effective city planner job description.

City Planner Job Description

[Intro Paragraph] The introduction to your city planner job description is where you highlight why someone would want to work for your company. This will help right-fit candidates get excited about the opportunity. Include a few sentences about the work culture and share what employees can expect.

Do you allow remote work? Are there lots of opportunities for regular pay raises or bonuses? Is there a strong career-growth trajectory with this position? Include anything you want potential employees to know about working for your business and with your team.

City Planner Job Responsibilities: Next, include the specific job responsibilities for this position. This will help potential candidates quickly assess whether they’re interested in the job.

Note which duties they’ll be performing and which teams they’ll be working with. City planners need to collaborate closely with different departments and teams, so be sure to mention many of the collaboration requirements.

City planners typically:

  • Oversee project planning and development for residential, commercial, and public structures and resources that enhance the overall enjoyment, health, and growth opportunity for the area.
  • Prepare studies that help analyze population growth and community needs.
  • Coordinate on-site evaluations and create project proposals to assess and present information about development needs and land usage.
  • Assess traffic growth and transportation needs and manage relevant solutions.
  • Investigate energy-efficiency best practices and implement them where applicable.
  • Preserve historical landmarks, monuments, and sites.
  • Work with relevant government bodies to ensure emergency preparedness and resource management.
  • Develop documentation to keep the community informed of city plans and resources.
  • Obtain the required legal documents and adhere to regulations regarding permits, zoning, and development.
  • Run frequent public planning meetings to keep the community informed and have discussions surrounding development and land usage.
  • Keep up to date with environmental policies and building, zoning, and construction regulations.

[Work Hours and Benefits] After you list the key responsibilities in your city planner job description, detail the hours and benefits of the position. Candidates will want to know if they are required to work nine to five, whether the position is full- or part-time, or if they are required to be available weekends and overnight. Also mention whether hours are flexible or fixed and if they’re able to work at home.

Include the benefits you offer such as health insurance, retirement planning, parental leave, and paid time off.

Also list any perks, which are non-wage compensations in addition to salary. Perks could include mentorship programs, trainings, educational stipends, and wellness programs, such as discounts on spa services or gym memberships. Keep up with what similar companies offer so you can stay competitive.

City Planner Qualifications and Skills:

When listing qualifications and skills, use a mix of hard and soft skills that represent a 360-degree view of the position. Be sure to also mention if the skills are required or “nice to have.” Some candidates will only apply if they meet all the qualifications, so this can encourage candidates to apply.

Typical city planner skill qualifications include:

  • Strong project management and analytical skills.
  • The ability to thrive in a leadership role and make decisions.
  • Excellent intrapersonal and communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Experience using design software, such as Adobe Creative Suite or AutoCAD, to create high-quality maps, graphics, and designs.

Education and Experience Requirements: Most companies require city planners to have:

  • A bachelor’s degree in civil and environmental engineering, finance, business accounting, or related field, master’s degree preferred.
  • Experience in business accounting, finance, or a related field.
  • Certified through the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP).
  • Member of the American Planning Association (APA).
  • At least [years] of city planning experience.

[Call to Action] Every effective job description needs to end with a compelling call to action. This is where you clearly state the next steps candidates should take. This can be as simple as “apply now” or “learn more.” This makes it easy for candidates to apply and reach out to you for more information.

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City planners are crucial because they help our communities not only grow – but thrive. Use this job description template to quickly find the right fit. Create a free job posting on Monster to get started.