Mental Health Counselor Job Description Template

A mental health counselor sits with a patient for a discussion and therapy session.

Whether you’re hiring a mental health counselor for a hospital, private practice, community health center, school, or some other entity, it’s essential to find someone with the skills and experience to provide excellent care for your patients.

While some of the skills will differ depending on the role and organization, all mental health counselors must have strong interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence (EQ).

The key to hiring the right mental health counselor for your organization is to write a job description that attracts candidates with the skills, experience, and professional values you need. It can be beneficial to look at Monster’s mental health counselor job postings for insights on how similar organizations are hiring for the role.

If you’re short-staffed and you need to expand your team to help more patients, you probably want to make a thoughtful hire quickly. You can save time by customizing this mental health counselor job description sample to meet your hiring needs.

A mental health counselor sits with a patient for a discussion and therapy session.

Mental Health Counselor

[Intro Paragraph] Think of this section as an elevator pitch for the role and your organization that prompts talented mental health counselors to apply. Note if you’re looking for a mental health counselor with a certain specialization so qualified candidates apply. There is a high demand for mental health counselors, so it’s helpful to show why your organization is a great place to work. Describe your organization’s history, culture, mission, values, and accolades. Attract motivated mental health counselors by discussing professional development opportunities, such as training programs, mentorship programs, and career trajectories.

Mental Health Counselor Job Responsibilities: Share the responsibilities so that mental health counselors know what to expect and can determine whether they have the required skills and experience. For example, you may be looking for a mental health counselor who:

  • Leads group and individual psychotherapy sessions.
  • Develops strong working relationships with patients.
  • Helps patients set and reach their therapeutic goals.
  • Advises patients on healthy coping mechanisms.
  • Keeps detailed psychotherapy and progress notes.
  • Uses popular medical practice management software.
  • Refers patients to psychiatrists when necessary.
  • Follows all guidelines, regulations, standards, and policies.

[Work Hours and Benefits] Specify whether you’re hiring a full-time or part-time mental health counselor. Indicate whether the mental health counselor would need to be on call and available to work nights, weekends, and holidays. Stand out by highlighting the competitive benefits package and financial incentives like tuition and certification reimbursements.

Mental Health Counselor Qualifications and Skills: Use these sections of your mental health counselor job description to note the necessary and preferred requirements so that qualified candidates apply. Depending on your organization’s needs, you may want to include the following:

  • Provides excellent patient care in an individual and group setting.
  • Communicates effectively, speaking multiple languages is preferred.
  • Collaborates with patients and has strong interpersonal skills and EQ.
  • Learns about new patients quickly and has strong critical thinking skills.

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in counseling, psychology, social work, sociology, or a related major is required.
  • A master’s degree in mental health counseling is required.
  • At least [number] of years of professional experience is required.
  • Must be a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) in [state].

[Call to Action] The most effective mental health counselor job postings invite interested candidates to apply. Give candidates instructions for how to apply from the job board or your organization’s website.

Put Your Mental Health Counselor Job Description to Work

After writing your job description, the next challenge is to reach qualified mental health counselors. Monster’s global reach and filtering tools can help you to quickly find someone who will provide high-quality patient care. Start your search with a free job posting.