Public Health Nurse Job Description Template

A school nurse works with a patient.

A public health nurse is responsible for the mental and physical wellbeing of the community by ensuring the public’s health through disease prevention, treatment, and education. They can work in a variety of institutions such as hospitals, clinics, or elderly homes, while collaborating with doctors and other healthcare professionals to keep the community safe and healthy.

By copying this template and refining it to your specific needs based on the guidance below, you’re increasing your chances of being approached by top talent in the public health field. Would it help to also have some examples to review? Check out these similar public health nurse listings for more ideas.

A school nurse works with a patient.

Public Health Nurse

[Intro Paragraph] The main goal of your public health nurse job description is to attract qualified candidates that match your hiring needs. An introduction to your organization should be your first step. Share some background information on your history and mission, the current amount of staff and patients you employ, and whether this position is open to local applicants only.

Public Health Nurse Job Responsibilities: To make the recruitment process easier, include a list of mandatory job responsibilities so candidates can determine if they’re qualified for the position. Some examples could include:

  • Assesses health care trends in communities.
  • Collaborates with emergency response planning and training.
  • Works with public health officials to help communities receive care.
  • Provides immunizations and health screenings in the community.
  • Provides patient and community education.
  • Monitors and delivers high quality patient care.
  • Records and analyzes medical data in various communities.
  • Evaluates the health of patients and creates treatment plans.
  • Participates in evaluation and documentation of patients and care.
  • Assists in developing, evaluating, and implementing professional development education.
  • Refers patients to other providers as needed.
  • Manages budgets of public health facilities.

[Work Hours and Benefits] The next paragraph of your public health nurse job description should include and specify the work hours and benefits since it’s common for public health related jobs to have an irregular work schedule. Also mention whether it’s a full-time or part-time position, details about work shifts, and whether employees are expected to work weekends/holidays.

To stand out as an employer, you could offer benefits like mental health days to reduce workplace stress among your employees. Also mention any other benefits you offer such as free daycare or tuition reimbursement, as well as career development opportunities.

Public Health Nurse Qualifications and Skills

  • Proficient in electronic health record management systems
  • Extensive experience in treating patients
  • Advanced ability to educate patients and families on health issues
  • Exceptional bedside manner
  • Great communication and interpersonal skills

Education and Experience Requirements

  • Need to be a registered state licensed nurse (RN)
  • A bachelor’s or associate degree in nursing required
  • [Number] years’ experience working with patients and medical providers

[Call to Action] The call to action should be included in the last part of your public health nurse job description. Try to make the application process as easy as possible by providing a short list with instructions on how they can express their interest for the position and where to send their resumes. Specify what the interview process will look like and when applicants can expect a response.

Ready to Put Your Public Health Nurse Job Description to The Test?

Working as a public health nurse can be a very rewarding and meaningful experience. Candidates are looking for companies who share their believes and can help them develop while supporting their community. If you want to reach the broadest audience — and stand out from the competition — consider posting your job for free and let us help you find the right fit.