Medical Technologist Job Description Template

A medical technologist preparing samples in a lab.

The medical technologist researches and develops new technical applications for the healthcare industry, usually at a hospital or independent medical laboratory. They assist medical professionals by analyzing the patient’s biological samples and contribute to the patient’s health plan by diagnosing and creating a treatment strategy.

Start your search for the perfect candidate by following the guidelines of this medical technologist job description template. Add the specific job requirements and background information to make it more personal. Find more examples by checking out other medical technologist job postings on Monster.

A medical technologist preparing samples in a lab.

Medical Technologist

[Intro Paragraph] Focus on the introduction to your hospital or clinic in the first paragraph of your medical technologist job description. Provide details about the type of medicine your facility specializes in, the current laboratory staff size and structure, and the company culture.

Medical Technologist Job Responsibilities: Highlight the job responsibilities in the next paragraph. The medical technologist should be able to prepare and analyze biological samples. Ensure that these and other responsibilities are included in your medical technologist job description to attract candidates with the right background.

  • Determines normal and abnormal components of body fluids by conducting chemical analyses of blood, urine, spinal fluids, and gastric juices.
  • Analyzes blood cells by counting and identifying cells, using microscopic techniques and procedures.
  • Prepares blood, plasma, and platelets for transfusions by conducting blood group, type, and compatibility tests.
  • Ensures operation of analyzers, spectrophotometers, colorimeters, flame photometers, and other laboratory equipment.
  • Maintains laboratory supplies inventory by checking stock to determine inventory level.
  • Conserves laboratory resources by using equipment and supplies as needed to accomplish job results.
  • Provides medical technology information by answering questions and requests.
  • Prepares reports of technological findings by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information.
  • Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops.
  • Maintains a safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations.

[Work Hours and Benefits] The work hours of a medical technologist depend on the type of hospital or clinic. Most technologists work a common 40-hour workweek during office hours. Less common are night or early morning shifts. Include the work schedule of the open position so candidates can decide whether the job is right for them based on their availability. Next, include the perks in your medical technologist job description. Mention the PTO policy, disability benefits, employee assistance program, and a legal assistance plan. Lastly, consider adding your medical technologist salary range as pay transparency early in the process may prove more efficient in producing candidates who are more financially aligned.

Medical Technologist Qualifications and Skills

  • Ability to use complex medical equipment
  • Strong analytical thinking skills
  • Great bedside manner
  • Detail orientated
  • Strong interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills

Education and Experience Requirements: As you list out your medical technologist education requirements, keep in mind that this may screen out a number of otherwise qualified candidates. If an undergraduate degree is preferred, but not necessary, be sure to clarify that in your job description.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology or Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  • Medical Technologist (ASCP) or medical laboratory license
  • Minimum of [number] years of medical technologist experience

[Call to Action] Finish your medical technologist job description with a strong call to action, one that candidates can’t resist. Provide the necessary information they need to apply to your job post. You can include the HR manager’s email address, invite them to click on the job application link, or encourage them to follow your socials so they can stay up to date on the latest publications.

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