Medical Laboratory Technician Job Description Template

A medical laboratory technician testing a specimen.

The medical laboratory technician is a specialized employee in a hospital or clinic laboratory. The medical laboratory technician conducts research using various instruments and methods, executing their work accurately while following regulations and writing professional medical reports as needed. A well-written medical laboratory technician job description and salary range will help you attract top candidates.

This job description template can be a useful tool to help you create a job post that will attract the most skilled candidates. Feel free to add specific job requirements and details about your hospital so it meets the standards of your open position and clinic. Get more ideas by browsing our medical laboratory technician listings.

A medical laboratory technician testing a specimen.

Medical Laboratory Technician

[Intro Paragraph] Hospitals and medical facilities that are seeking experienced, professional candidates often start their medical laboratory technician job description with a short introduction. Share some background information on the facility, describe the work environment, and discuss the satisfaction rate for both employees and patients. Include everything that makes your workplace shine.

Medical Laboratory Technician Duties and Responsibilities: In addition to ensuring the accuracy of lab results, the medical laboratory technician is frequently in contact with the patient, providing them with information and guiding them through the examination. The following job responsibilities may be included in your medical laboratory technician job description:

  • Organizes work by matching computer orders with specimen labeling, sorting specimens, and checking specimens’ delivery.
  • Maintains quality results by running standards and controls, verifying equipment function through routine equipment maintenance.
  • Serves as a technical resource by participating in staff training.
  • Identifies and communicates abnormal patient conditions by alerting supervisory personnel.
  • Identifies the presence or quantity of drugs in the patient’s system.
  • Provides test results for patient diagnosis and treatment by operating chemistry equipment.
  • Ensures the patient of receiving compatible blood by completing blood typing, antibody screening, and compatibility testing.
  • Contributes to a safe and secure environment for patients, visitors, physicians, and co-workers.
  • Maintains patient confidence by keeping laboratory information confidential.

[Work Hours and Benefits] Highlight the specific work hours of the open position in the next paragraph of your medical laboratory technician job description. Potential candidates want to know about the workload, flexibility, and personal time off policy. You should also highlight the benefits, such as tuition credits, childcare reimbursement, and mental health policies.

Medical Laboratory Technician Qualifications and Skills:

  • High level of attention to detail
  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • Ability to work independently and within a team environment
  • Ability to educate patients and families on health issues
  • Exceptional bedside manner

Medical Laboratory Technician Education and Experience Requirements:

  • Associate’s or bachelor’s degree in medical technology
  • [Number] years of medical laboratory experience required
  • Needs to be in possession of a clinical state license

[Call to Action] The last paragraph of your medical laboratory technician job description is the perfect place for a call to action. Let interested readers know how to apply by providing them with details of how to submit their application, resume, and any other supporting documents you may want to see.

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