Surgical Technologist Job Description Template

This surgical technologist job description sample provides the perfect framework for a job ad that will attract the best qualified candidates. You’ll get the most responses by maintaining the structure and organization of this listing and revising it to meet the specific duties and requirements of your position. You can get also find more ideas for crafting the best description by looking through our surgical tech job listings.

Surgical Technologist

[Intro Paragraph] Beginning your job description with a few sentences introducing prospective techs to your medical practice, facility, and working environment will attract the best applicants. You want to sell your hospital or clinic to job seekers, letting them know what you bring to the table for new employees and setting yourself apart from competing listings.

Surgical Technologist Job Responsibilities:

  • Serves as scrub person for basic surgical procedures and participates in complex surgical procedures as needed.
  • Follows department procedures for scrub persons by assembling surgical packs, supplies and instruments for surgical cases and preparing operating room for surgery.
  • Inspects instruments and power equipment prior to use to assure operational order and troubleshoots, reports, and removes faulty instrument and equipment from service.
  • Assures adequate amount of appropriate supplies and instrumentation are available in accordance with surgeon’s preference and counts all instruments, needles, and sponges with registered nurse according to procedure.
  • Inventories and monitors instruments, sponges and needles on operative field using department count procedures.
  • Adjusts instrumentation and supplies to changes in procedures and patient condition.
  • Assists with monitoring and reporting blood and fluid loss during cases.
  • Ascertains correctness of count prior to closure of body cavities and surgical wound. assist circulating nurse with restocking the room at end of shift.
  • Anticipates surgeon’s needs and assists surgeon by draping patients, holding/passing instruments, retractors, sutures, and medications, applying surgical dressings, suctioning and sponging surgical wounds, holding extremities, and moving patients.
  • Recognizes and reports emergency situations.
  • Adjusts priorities and participates in resolving problems as appropriate.
  • Assists in identification, labeling and proper specimen disposition using departmental procedures.
  • Performs or assists in sterile preps as needed/requested by monitoring aseptic techniques of surgical team members at field, reporting and correcting breaks in sterile technique immediately, and controlling location of contaminated instruments and supplies.
  • Maintains appropriate quantities of surgical supplies and equipment by restocking room with necessary equipment and supplies and apprises supervisor of special requests for surgical supplies and equipment.
  • Assists with decontamination of all equipment, instruments, and supplies as necessary and assists with cleaning rooms, furniture, and equipment according to established procedures

[Work Hours & Benefits] This is a great spot in your surgical technologist job description to highlight the working hours and benefits. Potential surgical technologists want to learn things like team size, doctor-to-patient ratios, and shift rotations. You can also describe the benefits that make your facility the best place to work, like tuition and continuing education credits, commuter benefits, and childcare reimbursements.

Surgical Technologist Qualifications / Skills:

  • Use of medical technologies
  • Creating a safe, effective environment
  • Surgical technology
  • Analyzing information
  • Performing diagnostic procedures
  • Technical understanding
  • Informing others
  • People skills
  • Dependability
  • Quality focus
  • Planning

Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:

  • Associate’s degree in surgical technology from accredited school or two (2) years of experience in a directly related area
  • Valid state Surgical Technologist license
  • Current BLS for Healthcare Provider CPR or CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer certification

[Call to Action] Now you need to get prospective techs to apply and teach them how, by including a compelling call to action at the end of your job listing. For instance, tell applicants whether you’d like them to email a resume and supporting documents to a specific person at your facility, or submit an application by “clicking on the apply button at the top of the job listing.”

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