Hospital Attendant Job Description Template

A hospital attendant comforts a patient who is lying in a hospital bed.

With an aging population and expected expansion in healthcare facilities over the coming years, it’s likely that hospital attendants, especially those with high levels of empathy and professionalism, will be in demand in the coming years. Compiling a thorough job description can help you attract good-fit candidates for this vital role.

Formerly referred to as orderlies, hospital attendants (or patient care assistants) are typically entry-level healthcare employees who can be called upon to assist in a wide range of non-technical clinical tasks. During any given shift they may be asked to transport patients, assist nurses and physicians in a wide range of medical procedures, or help to inventory or stock supplies. This means they need to be adaptable, physically strong, and efficient, with excellent patient care and interpersonal skills.

Perhaps the most important qualifications these hands-on healthcare workers need to possess are compassion and patience—not easy qualities to come by. A sound screening process begins with a thorough hospital attendant job description.

For more ideas on what to include in your hospital attendant job description you can skim through current job listings to see what qualities they are looking for and what job functions they have enumerated.

A hospital attendant comforts a patient who is lying in a hospital bed.

Hospital Attendant

[Intro Paragraph] Begin your hospital attendant job description with a concise paragraph or list of bulleted items designed to sell your workplace to applicants. Emphasize your organization’s values, mission, and reputation. Mention training and career opportunities, but also ways your institution makes a difference in people’s lives and healthcare outcomes.

Hospital Attendant Job Responsibilities:

  • Helps patients by supporting personal hygiene and daily living needs and providing comfort and transportation.
  • Provides patients’ personal hygiene by giving bedpans, urinals, baths, backrubs, shampoos, and shaves; assisting with travel to the bathroom; and helping with showers and baths.
  • Provides for activities of daily living by assisting with serving meals, feeding patients as necessary; ambulating, turning, and positioning patients; and providing fresh water and nourishment between meals.
  • Provides patient comfort by utilizing resources and materials, transporting patients, answering patients’ call lights and requests, and reporting observations of the patient to nursing supervisor.
  • Documents actions by completing forms, reports, logs, and records.
  • Maintains work operations by following policies and procedures.
  • Protects organization’s value by keeping patient information confidential.
  • Serves and protects the hospital community by adhering to professional standards, hospital policies and procedures, federal, state, and local requirements, and Joint Commission accreditation standards.
  • Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities, reading professional publications, participating in professional organizations, and maintaining licensure.
  • Enhances nursing department and hospital reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests and exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.

[Work Hours & Benefits] In this section of your hospital attendant job description you’ll want to sell the position to potential applicants in a similar way as your first paragraph marketed the workplace. To ensure that the salary range you mention is in line with similar salaries in your region, you can use a salary tool that allows you to input job title and location.

If you are having trouble finding qualified candidates, mention that you will provide promising applicants with the on-the-job training and certifications to perform their job. You can also mention benefits, including medical insurance, 401(k), tuition reimbursement, paid time off, work-life balance, and on-site amenities such as fitness centers or daycare.

Hospital Attendant Skills and Qualifications:

  • Multi-tasking
  • Bedside manner
  • Infection control
  • Health promotion and maintenance
  • Creating a safe, effective environment
  • Informing others
  • Judgment
  • Medical teamwork
  • Hospital environment
  • Administering medication
  • Pain management
  • Physical strength and endurance

Education, Experience & Licensing Requirements:

  • High school diploma
  • CPR and/or basic life support (BLS) certification

[Call to Action] Your hospital attendant job description should finish strong with a call to action that urges applicants to fill out an online application or send a resume.

Leverage Your Hospital Attendant Job Description to Extend Your Reach and Find the Right Fit

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