Medical Records Clerk Job Description Template

A medical records clerk going through patient files.

The medical records clerk is responsible for filing, organizing, and retrieving patient records, both paper documentation and electronic files. Their daily activities involve patient administration/discharge and keeping track of patient medical history and test results, all while working closely with insurance companies. The medical records clerk reports to the hospital manager or medical records technician.

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A medical records clerk going through patient files.

Medical Records Clerk

[Intro Paragraph] When you start your medical records clerk job description, include a brief introduction to your hospital or facility. Since the job of the medical records clerk differs by department and type of patient, it’s important to describe the type of service you provide so candidates can decide whether the position matches their experience.

Medical Records Clerk Job Responsibilities: To ensure your medical records clerk job description is effective, it’s important to provide a clear overview of the day-to-day job duties. Besides having a medical background, you’ll want to find candidates with experience caring for patients as well. Here are some examples you may want to include for a medical records clerk:

  • Gathers patient information by collecting demographic information via interviews with the patient or their family.
  • Maintains master patient index by completing an assigned portion of the daily audit trail.
  • Initiates the medical record by creating and processing the patient care record folder.
  • Maintains record availability by processing charts into the digital patient database.
  • Retrieves medical records by following chart-out procedures.
  • Delivers charts to assigned areas of the hospital by following established routing procedures.
  • Keeps health care providers informed by communicating the availability of requested records.
  • Maintains quality results by following hospital guidelines and standards.
  • Serves and protects the hospital or facility’s community by adhering to federal, state, and local guidelines.

[Work Hours and Benefits] You will want to identify the work hours in your medical records clerk job description. It’s generally known that working in the medical field comes with challenging schedules, so clarify (besides the regular work hours) whether the new hire is expected to work weekends, holidays, or nightshifts. Including a benefits package should be a part of any effective job description. Besides the salary, mention benefits like company-paid life insurance; PTO; and medical, vision, dental, and pet insurance.

Medical Records Clerk Qualifications and Skills

  • Strong organizational and office technology skills
  • Knowledge of HIPPA and client confidentiality laws
  • Exceptional bedside manners
  • Proficient in medical terminology
  • Comfortable in collaborating with healthcare professionals
  • Detail-oriented

Education and Experience Requirements

  • Associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a healthcare-related field
  • Previous healthcare or health insurance experience
  • Healthcare coding certification

[Call to Action] An effective medical records clerk job description should leave clear instructions on how to apply. A link to the application page or the email address of the hiring manager usually works best. Include some excitement in your message to encourage candidates to apply now instead of later.

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The process of hiring a new employee can feel like a tedious job. However, it’s important to find a caring and professional candidate who has a heart for your patient’s well-being and takes care of their medical records. A professional medical records clerk job description makes all the difference when trying to find this applicant. To help you make this process easier, Monster offers a free job listing to help you get started.