Medical Records Technician Job Description Template

Medical records technician standing next to file cabinet in office

Medical records technicians create, collect, and maintain patient records under the direction of a medical administrator or a healthcare facility. They are specialized in coding systems for standard healthcare procedures, categorizing medical information, and updating patient records for insurance companies and doctors. The medical records technician can work in various medical settings.

By adding a personal touch to your medical records technician job description, you can turn this free template into a professional job post tailored to your position.

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Medical records technician standing next to file cabinet in office

Medical Records Technician

[Intro Paragraph] Introduce your company in the first paragraph of your medical records technician job description. Provide a brief description of the role, talk about the clients your company works with, and explain how this position fits into the company overall.

Medical Records Technician Job Responsibilities: An effective job description should have a simple and clear overview of the primary job duties and responsibilities. Here are some examples you may want to include for a medical records technician:

  • Maintains and contributes to patient care by organizing and maintaining patients’ medical records and health information.
  • Communicates with patients, medical professionals, and insurance companies.
  • Answers requests for information and documents.
  • Transcribes notes and collaborates with healthcare providers to ensure the accuracy of medical records.
  • Updates and reviews medical records by reviewing information, notifying health care providers of record deficiencies, and tracking outstanding records.
  • Categorizes diagnoses, treatments and conditions using standardized healthcare codes.
  • Maintains patient confidence and protects hospital operations by keeping information confidential and complying with privacy policies and regulations.
  • Updates medical history in a timely manner.

[Work Hours and Benefits] The next part of your medical records technician job description should clearly define what is expected of the employee in terms or working hours. It’s essential you make this section as detailed as possible to allow job seekers to properly assess the workload.

Disclosing the benefits is another part of an effective job description. Mention the salary range if the pay rate varies based on experience; you could also consider using the phrase DOE (depends on experience), but being transparent on pay early on helps to set the right expectations during the hiring process. Here you would also mention benefits like paid parental leave, insurance coverage, or travel cost reimbursements. The more information candidates have about the compensation package the better equipped they will be to decide if this position is right for them.

Medical Records Technician Qualifications and Skills

  • Strong organizational and office technology skills
  • Exceptional bedside manners
  • Proficient in medical terminology
  • Comfortable in collaborating with healthcare professionals
  • Advanced experience in data encryption
  • Ability to perform under pressure

Education and Experience Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in a health care related field
  • [Number] years of experience as a medical records technician or a similar role
  • Registered health information technician (RHIT)
  • Healthcare coding certification

[Call to Action] An effective medical records technician job description should leave no room for questions or confusion on how to apply. Provide all the information job seekers need to make sure their submission will be received by the hiring manager. Also include information about the next steps in the process so candidates know when they can expect to hear more.

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