Patient Care Coordinator Job Description Template

A patient care coordinator works closely with a new patient and her young daughter.

The patient care coordinator provides comprehensive care to clients and patients by developing, monitoring, and evaluating each specific case. They are responsible for receiving and admitting patients and ensuring that the care for their patients is well coordinated with the nursing staff.

The goal of your patient care coordinator job description is to attract talented candidates with the right background. Providing a job description that looks professional will help to attract candidates who share the same work ethic and values as your institution. This job description template provides the necessary details that should be included. Check out these patient care coordinator job listings for more examples.

A patient care coordinator works closely with a new patient and her young daughter.

Patient Care Coordinator

[Intro Paragraph] Start your patient care coordinator job description by giving some detailed background information on your institution. Think about the history, research collaborations, and satisfaction rate among employees. Sharing this information will create interest among readers and ultimately motivate candidates to apply.

Patient Care Coordinator Job Responsibilities: The next part of your patient care coordinator job description should provide some insights into the job responsibilities. The patient care coordinator should have a great bedside manner and be administratively minded. Here are some key duties to include to make sure you cover these elements.

  • Conducts monthly staff meetings with the care team.
  • Monitors delivery of care by completing patient rounds, documenting care, and maintaining communication for transfer/discharge plan.
  • Motivates staff to maintain a high level of patient care.
  • Educates patients and their families on the care plan; provides details related to treatments, procedures, medications, and continuing care requirements.
  • Creates and maintains staff work schedules.
  • Develops interdisciplinary management tools by participating in meetings, coordinating information, and care requirements.
  • Evaluates outcomes of care with the interdisciplinary team by measuring intervention effectiveness with the team.
  • Complies with hospital and legal requirements by fostering nursing practices that adhere to the hospital’s rules and regulations.
  • Protects self, co-workers, and patients by following policies and procedures to prevent bloodborne and airborne diseases.
  • Respects patient’s rights by maintaining their confidentiality.
  • Maintains quality service by establishing and enforcing organizational standards.
  • Maintains patient care database by entering new information as it becomes available.
  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

[Work Hours and Benefits] The role of a patient care coordinator can be quite a time-demanding position. Working a full 40-hour week is normal, and working overtime is expected. Is this common in your practice as well? Be sure to mention this in your patient care coordinator job description.

Employees that work within the health care industry get fulfillment from being able to help people. However, candidates are still interested in learning more about their compensation package. Besides salary, mention possible career opportunities, PTO, or health insurance. Sharing your benefits is a great way to convince interested readers to apply.

Patient Care Coordinator Qualifications and Skills

  • Great customer and patient service
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Outstanding bedside manner
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A caring and compassionate personality
  • A healthy endurance and ability to lift 50 lbs.

Education and Experience Requirements

  • Degree in nursing
  • [Number] years’ experience working as a patient care coordinator
  • Must be a registered nurse

[Call to Action] The last part of your patient care coordinator job description should explain to candidates how and where they can apply if they’re interested. Most institutions provide an easy-to-use apply button, while others prefer candidates to send their resume to the hiring manager or even apply in person. Regardless of which method you prefer, make sure it’s clear so candidates will know what to do.

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