Videographer Job Description Template

A camera operator works on set.

Videographers are creative professionals who film, edit, and produce video content for various media channels. Whether you need someone with experience creating full-length films, commercials, or online marketing videos, the first step to attracting candidates is to write an effective videographer job description.

This job description template can be edited to describe the type of videographer your business needs. You can also browse Monster’s videographer job listings for inspiration about which skills, experience, and other details to include.

A camera operator works on set.

Videographer Job Description

Intro Paragraph: The introduction should help videographers visualize whether they’re a possible fit for your open position. In a few sentences, describe the type of candidate you’re looking to hire and what the job entails so candidates can determine if they’re interested.

Use this example as a jumping-off point for your post:

Our company is looking for a videographer to work with our [specialty] department to create memorable films our customers will love. The ideal candidate will have a strong artistic eye for the way color and visual effects enhance storytelling in addition to substantial experience filming, producing, editing, and distributing video for [media type]. If you’re a creative and self-motivated videographer who enjoys staying current on video tools and technology in addition to planning, scripting, filming, and cutting video for [audience type], we’d love to meet you.

About Our Organization: Next, share what your organization is and what it has to offer. Perhaps your organization works with A-list celebrities or supports reputable nonprofits. Candidates will want to know what makes working for your organization exciting and worth their time and energy.

This is also a great place to convey what makes your company culture awesome by listing information such as:

  • The rate and frequency of promotions.
  • How you invest in your employees’ personal development (for example, with training or courses).
  • Awards your team has won, or other exciting accolades.

This information helps candidates imagine themselves working for your company and gets them excited to join your team.

Videographer Job Responsibilities: Each videographer position has unique needs and responsibilities. Edit this general list to meet your specific requirements.

  • Research, plan, and create scripts for videos that support our client’s interests and enhance their brand presence.
  • Interview subject-matter experts for video ideas and content creation.
  • Ensure all recording and studio equipment is in good working order and keep track of new purchases and other expenses.
  • Coordinate video recording schedules and plans with staff, subject-matter experts, and clients.
  • Film, edit, and distribute video content to the proper teams and channels.
  • Add graphics, captions, and special effects to videos as needed.
  • Track video metrics and key performance indicators, such as the number of views, likes, shares, and conversions.
  • Keep up to speed on current video-creation trends and practices.

Work Hours and Benefits: Every videographer job description should list the hours you need the videographer to work in addition to how you reward them for their time (in other words, all the benefits and perks you offer). If you are hiring an in-house videographer, specify whether it’s a full- or part-time position. If it’s a freelance videographer position, mention this as well.

Also, specify whether you offer a flexible work schedule. Since videographers are often working solo in the editing room, they might appreciate working from home a few days per week.

Some of the benefits and perks you can list include whether your company offers:

  • Healthcare packages
  • Retirement ad 401(k) packages
  • Life insurance
  • Extended leave
  • Paid time off

A growing number of states are requiring that you list the job salary, so be sure you’re familiar with the salary range transparency laws. Regardless of whether you’re required to disclose salary, candidates will appreciate your transparency, so it’s always good to list it if you know what you’ll be offering.

Videographer Qualifications and Skills: This list will depend on your needs, but most companies look for:

  • Strong creativity, video creation, storytelling, and editing skills.
  • Able to work with various teams on multiple projects at one time.
  • Knows how to make subjects comfortable in front of the camera.
  • Excellent communication skills and attention to detail.
  • Deep understanding of pre- and post-production video techniques.
  • Thorough knowledge of current video editing software (such as Premiere Pro, Movie Maker, and Final Cut).

Education, Experience, and Certification Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in broadcasting, film, or a related field, preferred.
  • Three years’ experience as a videographer or similar role.
  • Relevant industry certifications, such as Certified Professional Videographer (CPV) or Certified Digital Video Production Specialist (CDVP).

Call to Action: Be sure to end your videographer job description with a clear call to action so candidates know which steps to take next. Your call to action could be as simple as “apply now” or “learn more” and prevents qualified candidates from walking away without reaching out.

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