Casting Director Job Description Template

An office clerk.

Casting directors function as the human resource employees of an organization’s film, television, commercial, theater, music, and radio productions. Not only do they interview and hire actors, but they also review resumes, coordinate casting calls, and negotiate salaries, among other responsibilities. Whether you’re looking to hire someone directly, on a contract basis, or through a casting or talent agency, the first step to finding candidates for your open position is to create a casting director job description.

Edit this job description template to quickly advertise and find talented casting directors for your open role. Also, read through Monster’s casting director job listings to gain more ideas about which responsibilities, requirements, and skills you’d like to include.

An office clerk.

Casting Director Job Description

Intro Paragraph: Effective job descriptions start with a quick overview of the open position and a description of what makes an ideal candidate. This helps job searchers get an idea of whether the open role is a good fit and if they’d like to read more before getting invested in the details.

Consider writing something like:

Our organization is hiring a casting director with experience sourcing, vetting, and hiring the right actors for various roles. We are looking for a casting director who is a strong leader, is creative, and is committed to finding the perfect fit for each role. You will coordinate every part of the talent-hiring process, including scheduling casting calls, reviewing resumes and auditions, coordinating callbacks, negotiating salaries, and reviewing contracts. If you’re a team player with a knack for matching acting talent to the right role, we’d love to meet you.

About Our Organization: One way to get candidates excited to apply for your open position is to use your casting director job description to show what makes your organization a great place to work. Maybe your team has won prestigious awards, or perhaps your content serves a special purpose, such as spreading awareness about an important cause. Whichever the case, share specifics about your company, such as

  • your company culture, mission, and values
  • how your organization rewards employees
  • career advancement and training opportunities

Your candidates want to know they’re joining a team and company that aligns with their interests and values. Keep in mind that this is especially true for Millennials and Gen Z.

Casting Director Job Responsibilities: Edit this list of common casting director tasks to reflect your specific needs:

  • Work with directors and producers to determine talent needs.
  • Review scripts and note which aspects of the characters will shape the roles’ requirements.
  • Source possible actors for the role by reaching out to the appropriate talent agencies.
  • Coordinate casting calls, auditions, interviews, callbacks, and contract negotiations.
  • Choose which actors should be cast and present your findings to the director for feedback.
  • Collaborate with the accounting team to prepare and adhere to the casting budget.
  • Conduct background checks and secure actor schedules prior to hiring.

Work Hours and Benefits: Now that you’ve got the responsibilities listed, note which hours your casting director employee is expected to work. For example, maybe your casting director will be expected to put in the normal Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, but they also need to be available for communication with agencies on weekends. Perhaps you allow them to create their own schedule, or they need to travel a few days here and there. However you expect your casting director to show up for work, mention it here.

Next, include how you reward employees for their hard work by listing which benefits and perks you offer, such as:

  • comprehensive healthcare packages
  • retirement planning and 401k
  • vacation days or PTO
  • gym memberships and reimbursements

Also, since these positions require experienced talent and are generally well paid, consider including information about the salary range. Candidates will appreciate your clarity, and it saves time during the hiring process. Be sure to check the salary range transparency laws to check if you’re required to disclose the salary by law.

Casting Director Qualifications and Skills: Use this list of common qualifications and skills in your casting director job description to further narrow in on the right fit:

  • strong attention to detail with an artistic eye
  • excellent leadership, decision-making, and negotiating skills
  • top-notch communication, collaboration, and intrapersonal skills
  • understanding of how various acting techniques meet production needs
  • experience managing staff of [number] or more employees
  • proven ability to source and hire talented actors
  • in-depth knowledge about industry trends and best practices

Education, Experience, and Certification Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s or associate degree in film, production, or a related field preferred
  • At least three years’ experience as a casting director or similar role

Call to Action: You always want the candidate to understand what their next steps should be, so include a call to action at the end of your post, such as “learn more” or “apply here.” This way, they will know exactly how to get in touch with you.

Find a Skilled Casting Director for Your Organization

After you’ve written your casting director job description, be sure to it where casting directors typically search for their next job opportunity. When you sign up for a free trial with Monster, you gain instant access to a database of qualified candidates in your field.