Actor Job Description Template

Actors prepare for an audition.

Actors are artists who portray both fictional and nonfictional characters for various mediums, including film, theater, advertising, and radio. Whether you’re hiring an actor to star onstage in an artistic interpretation of Macbeth or to demonstrate the superiority of your ultra-whitening toothpaste in a television commercial, the first step to finding candidates for your open position is to create an effective actor job description.

Edit this job description template to create a job advertisement that attracts the right candidates for your needs. Also, be sure to browse Monster’s actor job listings to get more ideas about how to present your open role.

Actors prepare for an audition.

Actor Job Description

Intro Paragraph: The first section of your job description should give an overview of what your open position is about, including information about what the role entails and who would make a good fit. For example, are you looking for a character actor or someone skilled at comedy? Do you need someone who is comfortable with high-speed chases or someone who can pull off a dreamy romantic interest?

The more specific you can be the better, since this will serve as the first impression of the open role and will either pique the candidate’s interest or indicate if the role isn’t right for them.

Here’s a generic example you can edit to meet your needs more specifically:

We are currently seeking a versatile actor to join our team and use their talent and creativity at the forefront of our upcoming projects. In this role, you will have the chance to highlight your skills in a diverse range of characters and genres. If you possess a passion for the art of acting, a commitment to excellence, and the ability to portray authentic characters and bring compelling stories to life on the stage or big screen, we invite you to explore this exciting opportunity with us.

About Our Organization: Following the introduction to your actor job description, talk about what makes working for your business better than your competition. For example, maybe you have an outstanding company culture or are known for your diversity and inclusion initiatives. Job seekers want to work for businesses that align with their personal values and make them feel like they are serving a purpose (which is especially true for Gen Z and Millennial employees).

Use this example to create a company “about us” section that sums up what you’re about and attracts the right candidates for the role and your team:

Here at [company name], we offer team members a unique and enriching experience in the [specific] industry. We take pride in our commitment to creativity, innovation, and the growth of our talent by helping actors hone their craft in a variety of ways. Our employees don’t just work here; they elevate their careers in ways that few organizations can help employees achieve.

Actor Job Responsibilities: Now that candidates understand what your company is looking for and what it’s like to work there, it’s time to list the job responsibilities of the open position. Though the tasks your actor will be completing on a day-to-day basis will vary depending on your needs, this list of common responsibilities will help you get started:

  • Read and analyze scripts to understand characters, plot, and overall storylines.
  • Rehearse with directors, fellow actors, and production teams to practice and refine performances.
  • Work closely with directors to understand their vision and adapt performances according to their feedback.
  • Express a wide range of emotion through facial expressions, body language, and vocal delivery.
  • Foster positive working relationships with fellow cast members, crew, and production staff to create a cohesive and collaborative working environment.
  • Participate in promotional activities, including interviews, premieres, and events, to promote projects and engage with the audience.
  • Keep informed about industry developments, trends, and new acting techniques to stay relevant and continually improve skills.
  • Exhibit professionalism on and off set, demonstrating punctuality, respect for colleagues, and a positive attitude.

Work Hours and Benefits: Candidates want to see the hours they’ll be required to work listed in your actor job description. Is the open position a Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm role? Or do the hours vary from project to project?

After listing the hours, share how you reward employees for their hard work by outlining which benefits and perks you offer. For example:

  • health insurance
  • retirement plans
  • generous paid time off
  • recognition and awards
  • professional development opportunities

Actor Qualifications and Skills: The qualifications and skills you list in your actor job description will vary depending on your needs, but use this list as a jumping-off point to get you started:

  • Ability to portray a wide range of characters across different genres, from drama and comedy to action and romance.
  • Strong ability to memorize lines and cues accurately for consistent and confident performances.
  • Capacity to understand, convey, and evoke a broad spectrum of emotions effectively.
  • Flexibility to adjust performances based on directorial feedback, character nuances, and changes in production requirements.
  • Skill in using body language to convey emotions and enhance character portrayals.
  • Well-developed vocal skills, including projection, modulation, and the ability to convey emotions through voice.
  • Ability to work harmoniously with directors, fellow actors, and production teams to achieve a cohesive and successful production.
  • Confidence in public speaking, which can be useful for interviews, promotional events, and interactions with the media.
  • A strong portfolio showcasing a range of past performances, such as showreels and headshots.

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Three years’ training from a reputable theater company or acting school.

Call to Action: No job description is complete without a clear call to action. This is where you show interested candidates how to “apply here” or “learn more.” This ensures that the next steps are clear, so good-fit job seekers know how to reach out to you with their interest.

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This template was written by Monster’s team of experts based on job description best practices.