Middle School Teacher Job Description Template

A middle school teacher in a classroom.

Skilled middle school teachers are educational leaders who inspire students to learn while preparing them for the transition to high school. The first step to finding great-fit candidates for your open position is to create an effective middle school teacher job description.

Edit this template to quickly find experienced teachers who have developed a range of middle school student curriculums, mentored children, and challenged students to strive for academic and personal growth. Also, browse Monster’s middle school teacher job listings to learn more about how other middle schools are attracting top talent.

A middle school teacher in a classroom.

Middle School Teacher Job Description

Intro Paragraph: Start by describing the position and the ideal candidate. This way, the candidates are clear on whether your school and the role are a good fit, and you’ll have an easier time attracting better candidates.

For example:

We are searching for a kind and dedicated middle school teacher to develop yearly curriculums that inspire our students to learn, grow, and feel prepared for the transition to high school. We are a [school type] school that specializes in [area of expertise] education. We’re looking for a teacher who has experience creating syllabuses, tests and quizzes, and at-home work that is based on the students’ individual learning abilities. If you are a creative, compassionate teacher with experience helping middle-aged children realize their full potential, we’d love to meet you!

About Our School: When middle school teachers apply for jobs, they want to know that the schools they consider align with their experience and values. Make it easy for candidates to decide whether they’d like to apply by using this next section of your middle school teacher job description to explain why your school is a desirable place to teach.

In two to three sentences, highlight how your company culture and values make it a great place to teach. For example, mention if your school is inclusive and provides plenty of professional development and career growth opportunities, such as regular promotions for top performers. If your school specializes in a specific type of education (for example, a focus on music, art, or STEM), include it here as well. This way, teachers can decide if your school matches their ideal working environment.

Middle School Teacher Job Responsibilities: Middle school teachers oversee most activities and learning opportunities for their students, but each school has different requirements for their staff. These general responsibilities will help right-fit candidates determine whether the role is a good match and decide whether they want to apply. For example:

  • Create the yearly class curriculum based on the students’ learning capabilities and provide resources that help students strive for academic success.
  • Offer support to students as they learn and grow, helping them prepare academically and socially for the transition to high school.
  • Provide coaching, guidance, and mentorship to help students excel at their current studies and ultimately reach their full potential.
  • Assign coursework and foster conversations that help students build respect and relationships between peers and instructors.
  • Continue learning about best education practices, including how to teach to students with different learning styles and keep them engaged.
  • Work with colleagues and leadership to ensure each student is in the right class, learning at the right pace, and growing in the best way possible.
  • Demonstrate the importance of self-discipline and instill the importance of being a meaningful contributor to their classrooms, families, and community.
  • Collaborate with the school to ensure students who need it can access additional support.
  • Organize meetings with parents to discuss their child’s progress and recommendations.
  • Track students’ progress and records of homework grades, test scores, and report cards.
  • Participate in regular training and licensing to keep knowledge and credentials up to date.

Work Hours and Benefits: After listing the responsibilities, include information about which hours you need the teacher to work. For example, perhaps you give teachers more money for working overtime. Is the job full- or part-time? Will they occasionally need to work overnight, weekends, or during the summer?

Next include the benefits and perks you offer. This shows the candidate how your school supports their staff. For example, share whether you provide health insurance or programs that help support their personal lives, such as commuting or wellness stipends.

Middle School Teacher Qualifications and Skills: When listing your middle school teacher job description qualifications and skills, specify which are required and which optional so you don’t discourage otherwise qualified candidates from applying. Examples include:

  • Top-notch teaching, writing, mentoring, and communication skills.
  • Proven ability to effectively communicate with students, colleagues, parents, and leadership.
  • Familiarity with local, state, and federal education policies and regulations.
  • Thorough understanding of how current learning and teaching styles affect education.
  • Strong creative thinking, organization, and crisis-management skills.
  • Comfortable working with or learning common technologies, such as video conferencing, smart devices, online materials, and learning management platforms.

Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:

  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree in education or related field.
  • Recent teaching experience as a middle school teacher or a similar role.
  • Current teaching license or certification.
  • Proven commitment to student welfare and educational excellence.

Call to Action: No job description should be published without a call to action. These show candidates how to get in touch with your school or apply for the job. “Apply now” and “learn more” are common choices that will get candidates moving along to the next application phase and prevent them from walking away.

Find Your Next Great Middle School Teacher

Supportive middle school teachers will help your students and school succeed. Now that you’ve edited this middle school teacher job description template, you’re ready to attract great-fit candidates for your open position. Start your search for teachers today with a free job posting on Monster.