Computer Programmer Job Description Template

Use this computer programmer job description sample as a template to create your own search-optimized job posting and start turning candidates into applicants. We suggest taking the basic structure provided and revising each section as needed to match your company and the requirements of the position. Find more great ideas for your posting by browsing our computer programmer job listings.

Computer Programmer

[Intro Paragraph] Start your description with a brief (two to three sentences in length) introductory paragraph giving job seekers some information about your company and the work environment for the role being advertised. This is a great opportunity to communicate what you can offer candidates that may be above and beyond what they can find elsewhere. How can you make this position stand out? Be creative and give potential applicants something to get excited about.

Computer Programmer Job Responsibilities:

  • Code and test programming for software and mobile apps.
  • Develop and deploy computer applications.
  • Execute code builds to test and production environments.
  • Fix bugs in existing code.
  • Collaborate with product, design, and marketing teams.
  • Maintain documentation per company standards.
  • Provide testing, documentation, training, and support for third-party software products.
  • Resolve user-submitted problems and questions.

[Work Hours & Benefits] Following the list of job responsibilities, we recommend adding a paragraph describing the work hours and benefits for the position. Putting this information here not only helps keep job seekers’ attention but can also be an opportunity to highlight some of the specific perks or noteworthy benefits available to successful applicants to help elevate your job posting over the competition. This is also where you should mention any special schedule options or requirements for the role, such as telecommuting opportunities or after-hours/on-call duties.

Computer Programmer Qualifications/Skills:

  • Understanding of object-oriented software engineering
  • Track record of successful application development
  • Ability to write clean, well-documented code
  • Excellent complex problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Working knowledge of SQL and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Solid troubleshooting and communication skills
  • Experience using Microsoft Office tools (Excel, Visio)
  • Demonstrated analytical and critical thinking abilities

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, or a related field
  • One to three years of experience in software development
  • Proven experience with OOP languages (Java, C++, VB.NET)
  • Familiarity with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and AJAX
  • Direct experience with Agile software development methodologies a plus

[Call to Action] At the bottom of the computer programmer job description, we recommend adding a call to action to let candidates know what they should do to apply for the position. Adding these instructions will help your listing perform better with candidates by motivating job seekers to take the final step and apply. This step is typically achieved by clicking on the button marked apply at the top of the page, but it can also be instructing applicants to email a resume to a specific email address.

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