Programmer Analyst Job Description Template

A programmer analyst concentrating on lines of software code.

A programmer analyst specializes in software programming, system analysis, and maintenance of business software applications. Generally, a programmer analyst can write complete computer programs and complex software. Depending on which sector the analyst works in, the programming language and day-to-day tasks can vary greatly.

By customizing this programmer analyst job description template, you can create a professional job post that will help you reach and attract qualified candidates. For more ideas or suggestions, check out our existing programmer analyst job listings.

A programmer analyst concentrating on lines of software code.

Programmer Analyst

[Intro Paragraph] Use the introductory paragraph of your programmer analyst job description to describe your company, the work environment, and the open position to interested readers. The objective is to attract candidates and inspire them to want to work for your company. Be sure to mention the programming language your company uses, so candidates will know whether they’ll be a good match for the position.

Programmer Analyst Job Responsibilities: The programmer analyst has many responsibilities, all focusing on software development and system analysis. Include a detailed list of the day-to-day activities in your programmer analyst job description so the new hire will know what to expect. You could include:

  • Installs troubleshoot systems.
  • Develops and maintains applications and databases by evaluating client needs, analyzing requirements, and developing software systems.
  • Identifies requirements by establishing personal rapport with potential and actual clients.
  • Programs the computer by encoding and adding project requirements in computer language.
  • Maintains the company website.
  • Confirms program operation by conducting tests.
  • Arranges project requirements in programming sequence by analyzing requirements.
  • Provides custom reports using database and report-writing tools.
  • Responds to IT-related issues and provides support where necessary.
  • Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops.
  • Keeps equipment operational by calling for repairs and following manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Protects the company by keeping information confidential.

[Work Hours and Benefits] The work schedule of the programmer analyst can be very flexible. They often work as contractors so they can construct and coordinate the workload themselves; mention whether this is the case for your position. Also, clarify whether the new hire is expected to work in the office or has the option to work remotely.

Next, you should highlight the benefits that appeal to the programmer analyst, like a professional development/education reimbursement, health insurance coverage, or retirement plan.

Programmer Analyst Qualifications and Skills

  • Ability to plan and direct complex technical projects
  • Experience with network protocols, computer hardware, and software
  • Excellent knowledge of data backup, recovery, security, integrity, and SQL
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Great attention to detail

Education and Experience Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a closely related field
  • A minimum of [number] years of experience that is directly related to the responsibilities
  • CompTIA A+ Certification is a bonus

[Call to Action] An effective programmer analyst job description includes a call to action that encourages talented candidates to apply to your position and tells them how to do so. The easiest way is to provide a link to the hiring website or an email address where candidates can send their resume and cover letter. Mention the hiring process as well since it’s common for programmer candidates to go through a few rounds of coding challenges.

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