Database Specialist Job Description Template

Database specialist working on computer and tablet at work

A database specialist transfers hardcopy to a digital electronic data format system. They are responsible for the entire conversion process and also work closely with clients to ensure the validity of the data. These specialists primarily work within corporate IT departments, government agencies, consulting companies, and the healthcare industry.

This database specialist job description sample can help serve as a template to write your own unique job description. Find more great ideas and check out more examples by browsing other database specialist jobs posted by companies like yours.

Database specialist working on computer and tablet at work

Database Specialist

[Intro Paragraph] Start your database specialist job description with a short introductory paragraph. Describe your company’s work ethics and the job environment for the roll being advertised. This paragraph is the first glimpse a future candidate is going to get from your job description, so it’s important to leave a great first impression. Use this section to stand out as this will help your application to perform better by generating more interest from applicants.

Database Specialist Job Responsibilities: In the next section of the job description, you’ll want to clearly identify the database specialist job requirements needed for your position. This allows candidates to determine whether they’re right for the position which is why you want to make it as clear as possible. Here are some examples of responsibilities you may want to include:

  • Designs database systems and management tools.
  • Installs, updates, and maintains computer databases.
  • Assesses database performance by developing protocols to measure results and identify problem areas.
  • Supports database performance by monitoring, evaluating, and resolving processing and programming problems.
  • Secures database by preparing access and control policies and procedures and implementing disaster recovery procedures.
  • Supports application design by contributing expertise to operations and technical support teams.
  • Provides technical support to employees.
  • Updates industry knowledge by participating in educational opportunities, reading professional publications, maintaining personal networks, and participating in professional organizations.

[Work Hours and Benefits]: Following the job responsibilities, the next part of your database specialist job description should address time commitments, as well as incentives. Are you looking to hire full-time or part-time, work-from-home or in office? It’s important to be as transparent as possible here and you may even want to include the database specialist salary range. To show that you’re appreciative of your employees’ hard work be sure to also address the any benefits or special perks that you offer. Talk about your PTO options, health benefits, or educational reimbursements if you provide them. Adding this information will help your job description to stand out among the competition.

Database Specialist Skills and Qualifications:

  • Experience with Unix and PowerShell scripting skills
  • Understanding of dimensional and relational data modeling
  • Familiarity with SSIS, SSRS, SSAS
  • Understanding of dimensional and relational data modeling
  • Advanced knowledge of database security, performance standards, and backup and recovery
  • Strong statistical and mathematical knowledge
  • Close attention to detail
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in business, computer science or a related field
  • At least [number] years of experience in database administration, database architecture, or information technology
  • Completion of relevant industry-specific certifications
  • Experience with Windows Server environments

[Call to Action] The last part of your database specialist job description should provide a call to action that lists clear instructions on how to apply for the position. Here you can let applicants know whether they should send their application to a given email address or if they should click a link to your company’s website.

A Great Database Specialist Job Description Attracts the Best Candidates

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