Receptionist Job Description Template

A receptionist greets clients.

When you’re hiring a receptionist, you typically need someone to greet customers, keep track of meetings, order office supplies, and perform other simple tasks, such as answering customer emails and entering data into your system. These employees are also the first people that your customers encounter when they visit your organization, so it’s important to hire receptionists who will make a good first impression. Whether you’re looking for someone to work for your small business or large corporation, the first step is to write an effective receptionist job description.

Simply edit this job description template to reflect the skills and requirements you’re looking for to get your job post ready fast. For more ideas about making your job description stand out, browse the current receptionist job postings on Monster.

A receptionist greets clients.

Receptionist Job Description

Intro Paragraph: Start your job description with a few sentences detailing the open position and what type of candidate would make a good fit. This will help candidates gauge whether they’re interested in the job and if they might have the necessary skills, which is a great way to keep them engaged and reading.

For example, you could write something like:

We are hiring a receptionist to greet our customers and perform various clerical tasks. Since this person will be the first point of contact for our business, the ideal candidate will have a friendly demeanor, strong organizational skills, and an eagerness to assist customers. If you are someone who would enjoy greeting people and other office-related tasks, such as answering phones and coordinating schedules, we’d love to meet you.

About Our Organization: After introducing the position, include information about your company and culture that would get candidates excited to apply. This can be anything that exemplifies how your organization is a great place to work, such as:

  • information about your company culture and values
  • how your organization rewards standout employees
  • training and career advancement opportunities

Receptionist candidates want to know if they would be joining a company that aligns with their career goals and interests. This is an especially important point if you’re hiring Millennial or Gen Z employees.

Receptionist Job Responsibilities: Here are some common receptionist responsibilities, which you can edit to meet your needs:

  • Serve visitors by greeting, welcoming, and directing them appropriately.
  • Notify relevant employees when visitors arrive.
  • Keep an eye on security and telecommunications systems.
  • Answer visitors’ questions, calls, and emails, and provide them with the relevant information.
  • Maintain visitor, employee, and department directories and logs.
  • Follow security procedures, such as monitoring the logbook and issuing visitor badges.
  • Organize the reception area while complying with office procedures, rules, and regulations.
  • Arrange meetings, schedules, and travel accommodations for senior staff.
  • Keep a record of office supply inventory and expenses.
  • Sign for deliveries and ensure all mail and packages are distributed accordingly.

Work Hours and Benefits: Also include your company’s working hours and benefits. Note whether your receptionist will be required to work overtime or seasonally. Also mention if the position is full or part time, along with the benefits that set your business apart, such as paid vacation time, commuting credits, or childcare reimbursements.

A few other benefits to include in your receptionist job description (if you offer them) include:

  • 401(k) matching
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Wellness plans

Receptionist Qualifications and Skills: Here are some examples of the qualifications and skills most companies hiring a receptionist list:

  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • High level of professionalism and courtesy
  • Excellent time-management skills
  • Works well with others and can multitask
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office software
  • Great attention to detail

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • High school diploma or general education degree (GED).
  • Experience in a similar role.

Call to Action After you’ve gotten the job candidate’s attention with your receptionist job description, how do you get them to apply? This is where a compelling call to action helps candidates know exactly which steps to take next. Let them know how and where to submit their application, who to contact at your company, or whether they can click on an “apply” button on the job post.

Your New Receptionist is Just a Few Steps Away

A great receptionist can make all the difference in the ease with which your workday runs. You want to find a skilled candidate who can answer the call, not one who will leave you on proverbial hold. Put your receptionist job description to work, and find your next great hire, with a free job posting on Monster’s world-class job board.