Admissions Coordinator Job Description Template

Admissions coordinator talking with hospital visitor at desk

Before a patient can be admitted to a medical facility like a hospital or clinic, they’ll have to go through an admission process. By serving as the face of the healthcare facility, the admissions coordinator is responsible for both welcoming patients and collecting their personal and medical information. Once the information has been obtained, the admissions coordinator helps to determine whether the patient will be admitted.

When starting your admissions coordinator job description, there are two objectives to focus on. Initially, you want to consider the best-selling points of your facility, write them down, and include them in your job post so you’ll be attractive to job seekers. Next, your job description should have the right details to filter out candidates who don’t have the necessary experience or skillset for the position.

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Admissions coordinator talking with hospital visitor at desk

Admissions Coordinator

[Intro Paragraph] When you start your admissions coordinator job description, provide a short introduction on your company, any previous awards you’ve won, and the values you uphold. Think of it as a quick elevator pitch where you only have a few sentences to attract the attention of candidates. Consider looping in your marketing team to help craft the right language.

Admissions Coordinator Job Responsibilities: To save some time on the recruitment process, include a list of job responsibilities as this will help you to field applicants with the right background and qualifications. Here are some examples you might include:

  • Maintains admission guidelines by writing, updating, and recommending changes to admission criteria, policies, and procedures.
  • Markets programs and facilities by preparing and providing informational brochures, writing and placing advertisements, answering questions, and conducting tours.
  • Obtains applicant information by requesting completed applications and medical information, verifying and clarifying information, interviewing patients and family members, and explaining admissions criteria.
  • Manages the onboarding of staff and patients.
  • Refers patients to other programs or organizations if necessary.
  • Prepares admissions reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing data and trends. Organizes patient records and documentation.
  • Checks patients into the system as they arrive.

[Work Hours and Benefits] If the job seeker has uncertainties about the work hours or benefits, they might not apply at all, so take the time to address these issues in detail. Being clear about the work hours and schedule will help to set expectations for candidates.

Besides mentioning the standard work benefits in your admissions coordinator job description, show candidates that your employees’ well-being is a top priority by sharing the different benefits you offer. Mention a work from home option, health and wellness benefits, or paid time off to volunteer, if these are among the benefits you provide.

Admissions Coordinator Qualifications and Skills

  • Proficient in electronic record management systems
  • Efficient typing and data capturing skills
  • Advanced communication and customer relation skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft office
  • Ability to multitask on a team and alone
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment

Education and Experience Requirements

  • A bachelor’s or associate degree in business administration
  • [Number] years’ experience working with patients

[Call to Action] Ending your admissions coordinator job description with a strong call to action is the final step between generating interest in your position and getting actual applications. Tell applicants how and where to apply if they’re interested and provide a direct link to the hiring website. Another way to allow candidates to engage is by including a link to your website or social media pages. This way candidates can learn more about your company and decide if it’s the right fit.

Looking to Find the Right First Line Representative for Your Patients?

Every medical facility is different, but we believe that by following these basic guidelines, your admissions coordinator job description will stand out above the competition. Start your journey to find the right coordinator to represent your institution today, by posting your job description for free.