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Maximize your Job Description Results

Maximize your Job Description Results

Once you’ve purchased your Monster job posting, follow the easy steps below and learn how to write a job description that reaches the right audience: 

Job Title: Select a standard, commonly-used job title from Monster’s easy to use drop-down menu. This will optimize your job for our search engine — and enable interested job seekers to find your job posting.   

Job Location: The majority of job seekers include location in their job search. Be sure to include a physical location within your job posting.

Salary: Salary information is the most requested piece of information from job seekers. Including it will help your job description stand out from the competition. Your job will also be searchable to Monster job seekers when they search for jobs by salary range.

Job Duties and Responsibilities: Include all job duties and responsibilities at the beginning of your job description. Job seekers look for this information first to determine if they are qualified for the position. 

Use bullet points to format your list, making it easy to read. 

To help you write your job description, Monster provides sample job descriptions for many positions. These can help you get started or help you write your own job duties. If you have the job description in an MS Word document, simply use our Upload feature. 

Have a Clear Call to Action: Make it easy for candidates to apply to your job. Limit the number of response options in your job ad by simply including the Monster "Apply Now" button. Including other response options can often confuse the applicant.

Track and Manage Applicants: Select the Apply Online option to easily keep track of your applicants within Monster. 

Monster will also send the resume to your email address for your immediate review. Use our filters, questionnaires and auto-reply letters to facilitate the management of your applicants.

Search Location and Occupation: While the Job Location (see above) tells seekers where your job is physically located, the Search Location and Occupation enables you to target candidates beyond your job’s actual location. Search Occupation will help job seekers identify your job while browsing Monster’s site by occupation.

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