Pipefitter Job Description Template

This pipefitter job description sample is the perfect foundation for a posting that will attract the most reliable candidates. Maintain the layout and organization of this outline, and customize it with your specific job requirements and duties. Then go and check out more ideas for crafting the perfect job listing by browsing Monster’s pipefitter job listings.


[Intro paragraph] The most effective job listings use the first few sentences to tell prospective employees the story of their business. Highlight your unique company culture and working environment and sell yourself to prospective pipefitters. This is the perfect opportunity to set your company apart from competing listings.

Pipefitter Job Responsibilities:

  • Selects type and size of pipe and related materials and equipment, such as supports, hangers, and hydraulic cylinders, according to job specifications.
  • Inspects worksite to determine presence of obstructions.
  • Plans sequence on installation to avoid obstructions and activities of other workers.
  • Cuts pipe using hacksaw, pipe cutter, hammer and chisel, cutting torch and pipe cutting machine.
  • Threads pipe using threading machine.
  • Bends pipe by hand or with pipe-bending tools and machine.
  • Mounts pipe hangers and brackets on walls and ceiling to hold pipe.
  • Assembles and installs a variety of metal or nonmetal pipes and pipe fittings, using threaded caulked, soldering, brazen, fused, or cemented joints, and hand tools.
  • Secures pipes to structure with bracket, clamps, and hangers, using hand and power tools.
  • Installs and maintains refrigeration and air conditioning systems, including compressors, pumps, meter, pneumatic and hydraulic controls, and piping.
  • Tests piping systems for leaks by increasing pressure in pipes and observing gauges attached to pipes for indication of leaks.
  • Welds pipe supports to structural steel members.
  • Observes production machines in assigned area of manufacturing facility to detect machinery malfunctions.
  • Loads, transports, and unloads material, tools, equipment, and supplies.
  • Performs minor maintenance of cleaning activities of tools and equipment.
  • Observes and complies with all safety and project rules and all company policies and procedures
  • Performs other duties as required.

[Work Hours & Benefits] Don’t forget to include details on working hours and benefits. Let future pipefitters know about things like overtime or seasonal work. This is also an opportunity to sell candidates on benefits that set your company apart, like promotion opportunities, health insurance coverage, or paid sick time.

Pipefitter Qualifications / Skills:

  • Always attentive to detail and alert to ensure safety
  • Ability to receive and follow instructions and communicate with co-workers
  • Ability to read labels, safety warnings, and guidelines
  • Ability to learn basic computer skills to communicate via email, document daily work and progress, and track procurements and status

Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:

  • Minimum 4 years’ experience in mechanical systems
  • Journeyman gas fitting and/or HVAC license preferred
  • Extensive knowledge of codes
  • Experience piping with cooling towers, chillers, boilers, large roof top equipment
  • Experience with hydronic and refrigeration piping processes
  • Experience with VRF systems

[Call to Action] So, how do you turn interested job hunters into job applicants? The blueprint for any great job ad includes a compelling call to action right here. Let prospective pipefitters know exactly how to apply, by telling them how and where to submit an application or resume, who to contact at your company to apply, or whether to click the “apply” button at the top of the posting.

Fashioned the Perfect Pipefitter Job Description?

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