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College Career Centers: Helpful Advice for Successful Fall Recruiting

Recruiting the Emerging Workforce

College Career Centers: Helpful Advice for Successful Fall Recruiting

By: Jacy Shillan, Senior Marketing Manager, Monster.com

Following two years of deflated recruiting, all factors indicate a strong return of college hiring for 2011.

With this encouraging news, MonsterCollege reached out to recruiting professionals from top college career centers for advice on how to find the best student and recent grad candidates during the upcoming fall recruiting season.

Curt Schafer, Director of Career Services at Texas State University-San Marcos felt it was important for employers to plan effectively before jumping into the recruiting season. Schafer noted, “Develop a plan that starts with hiring good people as recruiters and providing them with the best possible training. You would be amazed at how many organizations forget these two basic steps!!”

Once employers have a solid recruiting strategy in place, we asked how employers best prepare for students from the class of 2012.

Manuel Pérez, Director, Career Development Center, California State University, Long Beach thought it was important to understand the students’ perspective on the college hiring process. “As each class graduates during these tough economic times, each class has begun to take the job search process more seriously than the previous one,” Perez said, adding that, “Students are beginning the job search process early in their senior year and have been more persistent.”

On-campus recruiting efforts are bolstered by college career centers, where daily interactions help recruiters keep a  pulse on today’s college students. MonsterCollege believes employers can benefit from this unique relationship by utilizing career center resources and expertise.

MonsterCollege also asked Rebecca Sparrow Executive Director, Cornell Career Services for her advice for employers interested in recruiting college hires. Sparrow advises, “Don’t focus too much on students’ GPA as a screening tool. She added that, “Many employers decide they want to hire only the “top” students, as defined by their academic success, and that creates a great deal of competition for a few candidates”.

Overall, career services directors feels that more focused preparation will be required to effectively recruit this year's college candidates. According to Schafer, “The best and brightest will have many options and they will pay close attention to your people and processes.”

Concerted preparation and an understanding of the student perspective will provide employers with the direction to successfully attract new emerging talent as part of your college recruiting this fall.

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