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Chemical Engineer Job Description Sample

Chemical Engineer Job Description Sample

Use this chemical engineer job description sample as a template for creating your own unique, search-optimized job posting. Follow the basic structure provided below, but customize the description to match the specific requirements of the position for which you are hiring. You can find some great examples by browsing our chemical engineer job listings.

Chemical Engineer

[Intro Paragraph] We recommend starting your chemical engineer job description with a two- to three-sentence introductory paragraph. This is a great chance to tell candidates a little bit about your company and the work environment for the position being advertised. What do you have to offer applicants that sets you apart from the pack? Why should a qualified candidate apply for this role and not the next? Answer these questions creatively (but truthfully), and your posting will stand out.

Chemical Engineer Job Responsibilities:

  • Perform chemical analysis and physical property testing of materials and products.
  • Research, design, and develop new production processes.
  • Coordinate and perform tests.
  • Analyze data to develop conclusions.
  • Communicate results of analysis and research.
  • Evaluate current processes and develop improvements to safety, quality, and efficiency.
  • Create standards and specifications for processes, facilities, products and tests.
  • Assist in the establishment of timelines and budgets.
  • Install, maintain, and inspect equipment and facilities.
  • Perform routine calibration and troubleshooting of instruments.
  • Provide training and mentorship to technical staff.

[Work Hours & Benefits] This is where we suggest adding a paragraph dealing with work hours and benefits. Adding in specifics about benefits or perks available to employees can help keep candidates reading and generate excitement about the available position. This is also where you’ll want to describe the expected working hours for the position and note any special work-hour requirements such as frequent travel or overtime/on-call responsibilities.

Chemical Engineer Qualifications/Skills:

  • Applied knowledge of analytical chemistry techniques
  • Demonstrated ability to solve highly technical problems
  • Strong technical writing ability
  • Direct experience with the use of spreadsheet and database software to compile, analyze, and present data
  • Familiarity with process improvement methodologies (Six Sigma, lean manufacturing)
  • Ability to execute tasks with minimal oversight
  • Excellent presentation and verbal communication skills

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering or a related field
  • Master’s degree in chemical engineering or a related field desirable
  • Three to five years’ experience in a production or research environment
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project)
  • Project management experience a plus

[Call to Action] Maximize the response to your chemical engineer job description by adding a call to action here in the final paragraph. A call to action typically lets the applicant know exactly what action they should take to apply for the position being advertised. For example, you can tell job seekers to click the button marked “apply” at the top of the page, or instruct them to email a resume to a specific email address. This not only will increase the number of responses but also will ensure that the candidates who do apply do so correctly.


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