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Buyer Job Description Sample

Buyer Job Description Sample

When you’re hiring a buyer, it’s crucial to find someone with strong math and analytical skills and a strong sense of the market and what will become a best-seller. They need to be as comfortable with advanced retail math analysis as they are negotiating buying terms with vendors.

The key to hiring a buyer is writing a job description that attracts business-savvy buyers who make data-driven decisions. Talented buyers need to know what will sell and you need to know how to sell them on joining you instead of your competition.

Ready to start the hiring process and find the right person before they sign another offer? It can be helpful to start by browsing buyer job postings on Monster to see what your competitors are doing. After gathering intel, you can save time by tailoring this buyer job description sample to find someone who can send sales skyrocketing.


[Intro Paragraph] The best buyer job postings use this section as an elevator pitch for the role and company. If you’re looking for a particular type of buyer, such as a jewelry or home goods buyer, note it here to find interested and qualified candidates. Show why your company is a great place to work by describing the culture, values, and mission. It can be helpful to stand out from your competitors by mentioning your brand history, best-sellers, press mentions, and accolades. Attract ambitious buyers by sharing professional development opportunities, such as mentorship programs, retail training programs, and career advancement paths.

Buyer Job Responsibilities: This is where you’ll share a comprehensive list of daily responsibilities so buyer candidates can determine if they have the necessary skills to be successful in the role. For example, you may be looking for a buyer who:

  • Selects products and negotiates buying terms with vendors, including price, margin, exclusivity, and delivery terms.
  • Attends buyer meetings.
  • Manages associate buyers.
  • Oversees order placement and delivery.
  • Writes product line and product knowledge sheets.
  • Sets the open-to-buy plan to make inventory decisions.
  • Conducts market research and competitive analysis to identify growth opportunities.
  • Meets with store associates and the customer relationship management team to get feedback.
  • Prepares daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly selling reports to analyze performance and make improvements.
  • Partners with marketing, sales, retail, and other merchandising team members to optimize sales.

[Work Hours and Benefits] Use this section of your buyer job description to specify if you’re looking for a full-time or part-time buyer and whether it’s a contract or permanent position. If you know buyers will need to travel to retail locations a set percentage of the time, share it so candidates know how often they’ll be on the road. Next, note the benefits and perks your company offers like health insurance, leave programs, paid time off, retirement plans, employee discounts, a flexible schedule, and free snacks.

Buyer Qualifications and Skills: Share the necessary and preferred requirements so buyer candidates know whether they’ll be considered qualified. For example, you may want to include the following:

  • Knows how to use popular merchandise planning software.
  • Understands retail math and has strong analytical skills.
  • Communicates effectively and has exceptional written and verbal communication skills.
  • Works well independently and with a team.
  • Builds strong relationships with colleagues and vendors.
  • Learns new skills quickly.

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in merchandising management, business, accounting, finance, or a related degree is required.
  • Master of Business Administration or a similar master’s degree is a plus.
  • Must have at least [number of years] of experience as a buyer.

[Call to Action] Strong buyer job postings include an invitation to apply. Give candidates instructions for how to apply from the job board or your company’s website.

Post Your Buyer Job Description to Grow Your Team

You’ve written a buyer job description that sells candidates on the role and your company. Now you’ve got to get it noticed. When you post a job on Monster, you’ll reach a large pool of qualified buyers almost as quickly as they can calculate the cost of goods sold.