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From nylons and neckties, to nose rings and norm core: today’s talent spans four generations.

The U.S. workforce is made up of more generations today, than it has ever been before. Each at different life stages, each having been uniquely shaped by the major events of their times, and each responding differently to the tremendous advancements in consumer technology that have transformed how we communicate.

Importantly for recruiters and hiring managers, each of these cohorts comes to the working world with distinct career experiences and expectations. Monster, together with global research firm TNS, embarked on the inaugural Monster Multi-Generational Survey of over 2,000 people across the Boomer, X, Y and Z generations[1] to find out what makes them tick when it comes to their careers. We looked not only at how they perceive the hiring process and the workplace, but also how they approach the evolving world across common socioeconomic factors and rapidly advancing technologies.

In order to attract the best talent and successfully manage a diverse employee base, recruiters and hiring managers need to gain a keen understanding of the distinct career drivers for each generation.

Download this free report to learn how to attract the best candidates across all working generations.

1At the time this survey was conducted, Boomers were aged 51-70; Gen X were aged 35-50; Gen Y were aged 21-34; Gen Z were aged 15-20


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