How to Source and Interview Java Developers

By: John Rossheim

Are you looking to hire a java developer? To successfully source and interview these IT professionals, keep these IT recruiting tips in mind:

How to Source Java Developers:

  • To win their loyalty, provide career guidance to emerging Java developers
  • Non-traditional institutions such as the University of Phoenix are providing an increasing share of graduates with Java skills
  • Don’t ignore mainstream social media; the friends and followers of known Java developers likely include more Java developers

 Recruiter tips:

“We visit a variety of top 25 universities, and we do career fairs for graduating students,” says says Jenny Chynoweth, talent outreach manager at WhitePages. “When resumes come in, I go over them with the hiring manager and get him to point out which qualifications he’s looking for in a given search.”

“Particularly with the introduction of Facebook’s Graph Search, recruiters will be able to search for those who are friends of (insert your favorite employee) and also are a Java developer,” says Sam Jones in his blog,

How to Conduct the Interview:

  • To develop interview questions for Java candidates, seek input from a Java expert
  • Test the candidate’s ability to communicate the business implications of technical issues, in plain language

Recruiter tips:

  • “It’s useful to have in hand hypothetical questions designed by the CTO or the tech wizard of the company, for the internal recruiter to ask and report back on,” says Jones.
  • “Ask one question that requires the candidate to write code,” says says Rogers Cadenhead, author of Sams Teach Yourself Java in 21 Days. “You’d be surprised how many computer science grads can’t pass the Fizz Buzz test.”
  • “If you ask questions that are too simplistic, you risk insulting the IT candidate, or worse,” says John Reed, executive director of Robert Half Technology, Menlo Park, California. Reed recommends that you take time to research your interview questions, jot down notes about the correct answers and then listen for key phrases.

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