How to Create a Marketing Video for Recruitment

A camera operator works on set.

It used to be the case that making a marketing video to promote your business required a big budget, access to a studio and production crew, and premium payment for airtime. In the 21st century, however, just about everyone carries a video recorder and editing suite in their pocket. And getting your video out into the world is as simple as uploading it to your social media platforms.

Many companies are creating videos for business purposes, including making recruitment videos to attract new talent. Some companies are even using video job descriptions to bring their written job postings to life. Whether your company videos will be posted on YouTube, Instagram, or even traditional television, it’s important to make a great impression. Here’s how.

Prepare Properly

Before you yell “action,” you need to take some time to prepare. The preproduction phase of the shoot typically takes longer than the actual filming, but it’s a critical step to creating a successful marketing video. Common preproduction steps include the following:

  • Create a storyboard or script. Provide a script for everyone’s lines and blocking. A storyboard, which provides a shot-by-shot illustration of the production, helps those involved visualize the scenes from start to finish.
  • Prepare your subjects. This may sound obvious, but chances are you’re not using professional actors. Let your team know what you’re expectations are and your vision for the finished product.
  • Consider B-roll footage. Any footage that isn’t the primary shot (for instance, a shot of an erupting volcano) is referred to as B-roll footage. Make sure you have access to this footage, much of which is available from stock footage providers, and decide what you’re using (and how) before you start shooting.

Follow Video Best Practices

Now that you have your script and storyboard in everyone’s hands, a time and location for the shoot, and your general plan in place, it’s time to shoot. Here are some best practices for creating marketing videos for recruitment.

  • Composition: You’ll want to learn about the “Rule of Thirds,” in which the scene is divided by two horizontal lines and two vertical lines (creating four intersections). For effective visuals, place points of interest (faces, etc.) along one of the four intersections.
  • Lighting: The wrong lighting can tarnish all your hard work, so you want to get it right. For instance, you want to avoid conflicts between artificial and natural light and make sure your light source is consistent (such as avoiding rooms with windows when shooting indoors).
  • Sound: What are the acoustics like on set? Be sure you have the microphones you need and that they’re set up properly. If you’re filming one or more people simply talking to the camera, it may be worth it to get access to a soundproof room.
  • Multiple takes: Don’t be afraid to reshoot your scenes. It’s helpful to have a few options to choose from.

Help Your Team Get Camera-Ready

These tips will help your team be camera-ready when it’s time to shoot your marketing video:

  • Relax. Relax your face and the rest of your body, making sure you’re not scrunching your shoulders, fidgeting with your hands, or rocking back and forth.
  • Mind your breath. Almost as if you’re doing yoga, take deep and slow breaths that will help you relax and slow down.
  • Use proper posture. One trick is to stand with your back against the wall, and then slowly walk away from the wall while keeping your posture intact.
  • When in doubt, overemphasize. This is a performance, not your day-to-day routine, and the camera will respond better to clear enunciation, somewhat exaggerated gestures, good volume, etc.
  • Be concise. Remember, most promotional videos are about 30 seconds to a minute or two. You want to get your point across early and concisely.
  • Be comfortable. Drink plenty of water, wear comfortable clothes, and be as relaxed as possible. If it’s warm, turn on the air conditioning. If you’re nervous, do some breathing exercises.

Put on the Finishing Touches

Once your marketing video is in the can, you’ll need to go back and tidy it up in post-production using video editing software. You may want to make a few options and have your team decide what they like best. If you’re going to share your videos on social media, find out the length and format that works best for each platform.

Use Your Marketing Video to Strengthen Your Recruitment Efforts

A professional marketing video will help your company stand out during the recruitment process. Learn more ways to reach and attract top candidates by receiving expert hiring advice from Monster.