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Workforce Management

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Internship Programs that Cultivate Future Employees

A great internship program helps strengthen the intern’s portfolio as well as your company's bottom line.


Hiring College Graduates: What They Look for in Employers

There’s more to Millennials than meets the eye. Learn to attract and recruit today’s newest generation in the workforce.


Grads Ahead: Recruiting the Class of 2013

The outlook for hiring college grads is improving, as more employers are interested in recruiting college hires.


Preparing for Today’s Emerging Workforce

The next generation of employees has already changed the way we interact online. Are you prepared?


Monster Video: Recruiting Rock Star Grads

Emily Bennington explains how to attract college grads who can help drive your business success.


Tap Today’s Best College Graduates via Online Networking

In this interview, Tom Chevalier shares findings from Monster's Emerging Workforce Summit on attracting Gen Y workers.


Recruiting College Hires and Tuition Forgiveness Programs

Find out how some employers are tapping tuition forgiveness programs to successfully recruit college graduates.


Holiday Jobs: The Outlook for Hiring College Students

Planning to hire students for your holiday jobs? See what students are saying about their holiday work plans.


College Career Centers: Helpful Advice for Successful Fall Recruiting

Get advice from college career center directors on the expectations of students and recent grads during fall recruiting.


Summer Hires: How your Small Business Can Compete for College Hires

Looking to recruit college students for your small business? Go where your company can be a big fish in a smaller pond.


Reach the Emerging Workforce with Monster College

Monster College, Monster’s student-focused website, makes it easy to attract the emerging workforce to your posting.

Develop a Meaningful Internship Program that Generates Win-Win Benefits

Recent studies show college students value internships more than ever. Here’s how to create a meaningful internship program.