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2014 Compensation Trends Focus on Employee Retention

Payscale’s 2014 Compensation Best Practices Report shows many companies are optimistic, as long as they retain top talent.


2013 Compensation: Ready to Compete for Top Talent?

As the economy continues to recover, one thing is clear: top talent will be in greater demand than ever.


How Today’s High-Demand Jobs Impact Salaries

Increasing wages for high-demand jobs can be a double-edged sword. Here’s how to stay competitive.


How to Gain Executive Support for your Compensation Plan

How do you design a compensation plan? These questions will help you get company executives on board.


Monitor Today’s Wage Trends to Win the War for Talent

Despite persistent unemployment and job growth sluggish overall, wages are on the rise in many key US industries.


Starting Salaries for New Hires: How Much to Pay?

Set the bar too low -- you may not attract qualified talent. Nudge pay too high -- you risk cutting into your budget.


How to Pay Highly-Qualified Part-Time Temps

Small company leaders weigh in on how much to pay contingent employees who are more than qualified for the job.


Essential Salary Negotiation Tips for Employers

In this time of thawing markets, employees hunger for that long-awaiting pay raise. Be prepared for "the talk."


Salary Negotiation: Avoid the Peanut Butter Approach

Are you spreading salary increases evenly across your company? If so, you may end up losing your best employees.


Is Employee Compensation on the Rise in your Job Market?

Employee compensation rose in many areas and industries in 2011. Is your company keeping pace with salary trends?


Getting your Moneys’ Worth: Salary Negotiation Tips for Employers

The stakes are high for both employer and job candidate in salary negotiations. Jim Hopkinson offers some no-nonsense tips.

How to Determine a Job’s Market Value

What's the best way to determine an appropriate level of compensation? While salary surveys can be helpful, a job’s value counts too.

Salary Negotiation: What to Expect from Top Talent

Negotiating salary in a recession is a challenge, particularly if you want to attract top performers. These tips can help.