How to make a job offer in three easy steps

Nothing is really as easy as one, two, three—except maybe counting. But here are three easy steps that explain how to make a job offer that you can really count on. It’s not a guarantee that your job candidate will accept, but you’ll know it’s the best offer you can give. And you can’t do better than your best.

Step 1: Cut to the chase

Once you’ve chosen your top candidate, make your job offer promptly. Every delay is another opportunity for prospects to go elsewhere or to grow concerned that you aren’t serious or that they’re not your first choice. Be upfront about the timeline as well. Don’t keep them wondering when they’ll hear back from you.

Step 2: Take your best shot

Making a job offer shouldn’t be like a never-ending negotiation with a used car salesman—a cagey character you hope to never see again when you drive off the lot. Instead, when negotiating a job offer, you’re really working on an agreement between professionals who’ll be working for the same enterprise after the fact. Do you really want to start that relationship with a deal where everybody walks away and keeps their fingers crossed? You do not. You must extend a generous offer right up front. Your offer should include:

  • A competitive wage or salary
  • Benefits, including sick time and vacation pay
  • Perks, like a signing bonus, profit-sharing, or flex-time

If you don’t put it all on the table, sophisticated job seekers will ask to see what else you have. Don’t make it seem like you’re holding back on them or trying to lowball them—a bad look for sure.

Step 3: Use intangibles to close the deal

If you don’t have any more money to offer, use intangibles to close the deal. The main thing is that you want your job prospect to feel comfortable about taking the job. As you’re wondering how to make a job offer to someone in particular, keep the following intangibles in mind:

  • Describe the corporate culture and make some introductions
  • Talk about the company’s growth and how it translates to pay
  • Point out lifestyle perks, such as flex-time, office amenities, and off-site events

In the end, of course, you want your job offer to be accepted. If you make your candidates feel like the job is a good fit, accepting the offer will feel natural to them. That’s how to make a job offer.

How to offer a job to someone and hire them can be easy—with the right tools

Now that you know how to make the best job offer, the trick is finding the right person to say yes. You’ve probably had some experience with hiring, but why not sharpen your skills? It could save you some time (and headaches) down the road. Sign up for Monster Hiring Solutions, our one-stop shop for recruiting tips, hiring trends, and even some exclusive deals that you can’t find anywhere else.