The Hiring Process

All about recruitment, hiring and how to find employees.

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Hiring managers choose from various applicant tracking systems.
Applicant Tracking Systems for Small Businesses
Learn more about the pros and cons of using application tracking systems for your small business hiring process.
HR staff (four people) gathered around a laptop and reviewing candidates using hiring technology.
How to Choose Small Business Technology
Small business technology can improve the speed and quality of your hiring process. Select the right fit for your small business.
Tech support professional helping her coworker with a problem.
Hiring Tech Support for Your Small Business
Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean you don’t face big tech challenges. Solve them by hiring a capable tech support applicant.
Tips for Hiring Your First Employee
Hiring your first employee always seems like a daunting task, but these best practices will help the process go smoothly.
How to Write an Offer Letter
Knowing exactly how to write an offer letter when you formally extend a job offer to your top candidate can improve onboarding and prevent legal problems.
How to Find Good Hourly Employees
It's not easy to find employees. Learn how your business can attract and recruit quality skilled and hourly employees and add value to your bottom line.

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7 Small Business Hiring Strategies
Implement these hiring strategies to build a small business team with the skills and professional values to impress your customers and clients.
Hiring Friends and Family
Hiring friends or family members has its own challenges and isn't always advised, but sometimes a family member or close friend is the right choice.
Lessons from the Outfield on How to Run a Business
Ready for some lessons on how to run a business? Here are some key takeaways for drafting your team and scoring on your competition.
Salary Benchmarking: 3 Factors to Consider
Deciding what to pay your new hires can be one of the most difficult parts of the hiring process, which is why salary benchmarking is so important.
Emphasizing Small Business Culture in Recruiting
Highlighting your small business culture, and what sets it apart from that of larger corporations, can help you compete and recruit the best candidates.