Key Holder Job Description Template

This key holder job description sample provides the perfect start when creating a job posting that will attract top candidates and turn them into applicants. All you need to do is build on the structure and organization of the description, adding the specific duties and requirements of the open position for which you are hiring. You can also browse our management job listings for more ideas about how to build the perfect posting.

Key Holder

[Intro paragraph] We also encourage you to begin your job description with two or three sentences telling prospective key holders a little bit about your company. This is your opportunity to sell job candidate on your corporate culture, working environment, and values, as well as what you bring to the table for new employees.

Key Holder Job Responsibilities:

  • Provides an amazing shopping experience that will encourage customers to return.
  • Displays product knowledge and customer experience skills.
  • Provides leadership support and help run the store when managers are away.
  • Understands store sales plan and company sales goals and helps drive sales by increasing key performance indicators.
  • Covers the sales floor zone and ensures that assigned areas are up to visual standards.
  • Assists in the opening and closing of the store.
  • Works the register, processes sales transactions, and uses product knowledge to drive add on sales.
  • Closes out the register and communicates any shortages or overages to the store manager.
  • Assists with planogram changes including store map, wall, fixture, and merchandising mix.
  • Work with store management to ensure there’s no misuse of company property or theft.
  • Supports the maintenance and organization of the stock room.
  • Trains and coaches new sales associates as needed to help them quickly get acclimated to the team.

[Work Hours & Benefits] Now that job seekers know what’s required of them, here is where you may want to include details about your working hours and benefits. Highlight the possibility for flexible hours, seasonal requirements, or overtime options. It’s also a great opportunity to describe employee benefits that set your company apart, like commissions, profit sharing, or paid time off.

Key Holder Qualifications / Skills:

  • Staffing, planning, and people management
  • Managing performance and profitability
  • Promoting sales improvement
  • Strategic planning
  • Dealing with complexity, analyzing information, and implementing company vision

Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:

  • High school diploma, GED, or equivalent
  • Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in business or management preferred
  • Industry and supervisory experience a plus

[Call to Action] Th best performing job ads also include a compelling call to action, giving potential applicants specific details exactly how to apply. Provide managers with contact information for your hiring manager, advise them regarding required supporting documents, or simply tell them to “click on the apply button at the top of the job listing.”

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