Quality Assurance Manager Job Description Template

Quality assurance manager inspecting a product before it gets packaged and delivered.

The quality assurance manager is responsible for delivering the optimum quality of a company’s services or goods. In addition to maintaining consistent quality, they help to ensure compliance with laws, regulations, and environmental standards, recommending improvements where necessary.

Finding the right candidate to manage the quality of your business can be a tedious task. Save yourself time by adding the specific job requirements and responsibilities to this quality assurance manager job description template. Interested in seeing some examples? Check out these quality assurance manager job listings to get some ideas on what to include.

Quality assurance manager inspecting a product before it gets packaged and delivered.

Quality Assurance Manager

[Intro Paragraph] The goal of your quality assurance manager job description is to create excitement and curiosity around your open position. This can be achieved by providing a short and professional introduction to the company and the open position. Share some of your company’s clients, office culture, and the satisfaction rate among employees. Keep in mind that most candidates look at an abundance of job descriptions, so you’ll want to make sure your ad stands out.

Quality Assurance Manager Job Responsibilities: The job responsibilities of a quality assurance manager depend on the type of industry or business they work for. The job duties of a quality manager working in cosmetics will look very different from a mechanical quality manager. That is why candidates need to understand what their job responsibilities are if they get hired. Start by asking your current assurance manager if they can tell you about their day-to-day job duties so you understand what their obligations are. For example:

  • Creates and implements company quality standards.
  • Accomplishes quality assurance objectives by monitoring, reviewing, and enforcing policies and procedures.
  • Trains and motivates employees to ensure that quality standards are met.
  • Achieves quality assurance operational objectives by contributing to information analysis.
  • Meets financial objectives by estimating requirements, preparing annual budgets, and scheduling expenditures.
  • Develops quality assurance plans by conducting hazard analyses and monitoring procedures.
  • Validates quality processes by establishing product specifications and quality attributes.
  • Assists in the recruiting process.
  • Maintains and improves product quality by completing product, company, system, and compliance audits.
  • Prepares quality documentation and reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information and trends.

[Work Hours and Benefits] The quality assurance manager is usually a full-time, 9 to 5 position. However, some managers are expected to be available on weekends or after hours in case something goes wrong that needs to be fixed. If this is also the case for your open position, mention it in your quality assurance manager job description so candidates understand what is expected of them.

In addition to experience, quality assurance managers usually have a bachelor’s or associate degree; just be clear about how much experience and training is required for the job. Provide them with a competitive benefits package to show you’re appreciative of their hard work. Some examples include medical, dental, vision, and life insurance coverage, retirement savings, and PTO.

Quality Assurance Manager Qualifications and Skills

  • Excellent data analyzing and review skills
  • Strong technical and computer skills
  • Great eye for detail
  • Ability to teach and mentor

Education and Experience Requirements

  • A bachelor’s or associate degree
  • A minimum of [number] years of experience in the field

[Call to Action] You’ll want to add a call to action to the end of your quality assurance manager job description. This prompts candidates to act by applying to your job post or to reach out to connect in case they have any questions.

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This template was written by Monster’s team of experts based on job description best practices.